London – the World Capital for Digital Start-ups & E-Commerce Enterprises

London has always been a city that has strong links to innovation in business. It comes as no surprise that it is now leading the way in one of the fastest growing business sectors. Digital start-ups are making a significant impact in the business world, with the capital being at the forefront of this trend.

Digital start-ups, also known as tech start-ups, now boast over 200, 000-strong workforce in London. Considering that the sector is still in its infancy, it shows the potential for further growth. And what better place for it to flourish than London.

London is Leading the Way for Digital Start-ups –

Last year, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan gave an indication of what sort of traction digital start-ups were gathering. He introduced the £1.6-m incubator Better Futures, with the aim of assisting 100 clean energy enterprises to enter the market.

This level of political support doesn’t exist in isolation. The general public, as well as the business community, provide a massive support for the sector. The creation of employment positions because of tech enterprises are now part of a growing business collective in the capital.

Although most tech companies are for the most part online, most still need a base of operations. Fortunately, London is also a leader for alternative workspaces, making it possible to operate within a small-scale environment.

Aussie can attest to this, as many of our customers use our self storage units for an affordable alternative to a typical office. There are many reasons for this. You don’t need to commit to a lengthy lease agreement with self storage, and many start-ups prefer this flexibility. Our facilities have WIFI throughout, and if you need something a bit more capable, all you need is a powerful router and a basic office setup.

We also offer tech migration and office removals, should you decide to go the traditional route of a commercial office space. Our Office Removals team are experts in IT migration, in addition to being able to undertake any office relocation.

How E-commerce Enterprises Can Benefit from Man & Van and Storage –

You might wonder what sort of role a company like Aussie would play in the digital start-up sector. Aussie is one of London’s fastest growing companies, and our popularity is a result of innovation. We create our own removals and storage packages, with specific services for every situation.

Aussie’s ethos is to take every situation with the attitude that it can be done. That’s why lots of start-up enterprises use our facilities. They understand that we value each client on an individual basis, and we strive to assist new companies.

Aussie works with e-commerce companies that operate exclusively online but also require a physical place for their products. Many of them rent one unit for storage of their products and any equipment. Additionally, they opt for a more substantial unit and use it for admin, or they rent a second unit to use as an alternative office.

They can use our Man & Van service for any logistics and delivery needs. This gives them a direct route from their storage unit to their clients, as well as removing the need for a work vehicle. It’s an efficient way to move their products and eliminate the cost of a car or van. Aussie’s Man & Van charges per hour and comes with the use of two of our team members.

Renting a self storage unit is far cheaper than the cost of commercial rental properties in London. Not only that, there is no lease to worry about, and you can change the size of your unit if you need to upsize or downsize.

Aussie – We’re Supports of Business Innovation in London –

Aussie works with several start-up enterprises, and we understand the need to seek alternative routes into the market. Saving money is essential to any new company’s survival, and the first year of trading is a precarious one. That’s what makes Aussie’s range of services ideal for digital start-ups that require storage space.

Our facilities provide everything you need to run a tech enterprise, without the massive overheads that typically hinder new companies in major cities. We have a range of services that include packing supplies that suit e-commerce and companies that retail products or equipment.

At Aussie, everything stems from working out what each customer needs and matching it with one or more of our services. We have the best rates on the market, and we won’t be beaten on price or customer service. Our facilities are top of the range with a significant focus on security, all designed to make sure your equipment and goods are safe and secure.

The Aussie team always approach everything we do with a ‘can-do’ attitude. If you have a digital start-up and you’re looking for an affordable workspace, contact us today.