Locked Out in London – Tips of What to Do If You Lose Your Keys In London

The Aussie Go-To Guide for First-Time Buyers in London

One of the most important aspects of living in a bustling capital city like London is security. It’s critical that we make sure that the doors and windows to our homes are secure. Your car should have a working alarm, and if possible, other security features to prevent break-ins. If you’re vigilant, you’ll help avoid theft or people gaining access to your property or vehicle.

The only problem with being and having a strong focus on securing your home and vehicle is when you lose your keys. It happens to us all, but when you lock every lock and close your windows, you’ll soon find yourself in trouble. At Aussie, we always look for ways to give our followers helpful tips. Here are some of our best tips on what to do when you lose your house or car keys, as well as ways to prevent it.

What to Do If You Lose Your Keys in London –

If you’re super vigilant, you probably don’t leave the house without locking the doors and closing the window. However, you might have forgotten to do it just this one time. Either way, you should check for any ground floor windows that might be open or ajar, as well as the back door. Take note – let your neighbour know you’re doing it, just in case they mistake you for a burglar. They might also have a spare key if you made a plan with them. If this does work, it’s time to locate your closest locksmith.

Use your smartphone to check online for the closest locksmith in your area in London. Alternatively, you can also download an app to do this for you. We recommend the LockSmit4you app or Master Locksmiths Association for this. You’ll be able to type in your details, and they’ll locate the best choice.

If you have anything with your details on, it will help the locksmith when they arrive. Remember, you’re technically getting them to break into your house, so they want to make sure you live there. A driver’s license or any other form of ID will work. Also, you can ask your neighbour to vouch for you.

Find somewhere safe to wait for the locksmith – don’t stand outside your home, especially if you’re alone. Again, if you have a friendly neighbour, you should wait for them. Alternatively, ask a friend or family member for help. Just make sure you’re safe until the locksmith arrives.

Get Spare Home or Car Keys –

We can’t stress this point enough – get at least one spare set of keys cut. Leave with a trusted family member or friend for situations like this. It will save you a lot of stress and money, and it’s easy to get spare house keys cut.

Make sure you have the details of someone you can contact at the place you bought your car. Usually, you’ll get at least one spare set of car keys when you buy your car. However, what happens if you lose your house keys as well, and the extra car key is inside the house? This may sound a bit over the top, but it’s not out of the question. Keys often seem to have a life of their own. See what options are available to get a new set of keys cut or a new toggle for your car from your dealership.

Aussie – Using Storage to Safeguard Your Possessions –

Aussie works with thousands of customers every year, and we hear some interesting stories of lost keys. The common thread that a lot of people say is that leaving a spare set of keys can save an expensive callout for a locksmith. It makes a lot of sense, it’s easy to do and is cheap. All you need to do is drop off your keys, collect the new ones and leave them with someone you trust.

Whenever we talk about keys, another point is also worth considering. If you want to make sure you’re 100% vigilant, it’s worth checking how secure your home or car is from theft. If you have old locks, then you should ask a locksmith to check if they’re up to scratch.

A lot of our customers use Aussie to store their valuable possessions, especially the ones that can’t be replaced. We have three storage packages for you to choose from. Aussie’s Container Storage is for long-term storage, but we also have Aussie Self Storage and our innovative AusBox Storage package. You can even leave a spare key in your storage unit!

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company, and we’re always happy to discuss anything. Contact us today, and we’ll gladly talk about the best local locksmiths and our storage packages.