London Removals Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Specialist Removals & Storage Services for Estate Agents

The Aussie team knows from experience that there’s no such thing as a typical home or office removals job. We’ve been in the removals game for over fifteen years, and in that time, we’ve done thousands of removals, relocations, and storage jobs. And on those jobs we’ve moved some unique items and some difficult removals jobs.

London has gone through a huge number of changes over the years, and one way of noticing that is its architecture. Every part of London has its own history that can be seen through its buildings and infrastructure, and understanding how this plays into our role as a removals company is essential. We not only have to understand and take a detailed inventory of the items we’re moving, we need to take into account the building type, its immediate surrounding area and roads, and what the typical traffic situations are for that area.

We’ve moved antique large oak wardrobes from attics, fine art from gallery to home – after an auction, furniture with glass panels from top-floor apartments, and there have been plenty of occasions where we’ve had to navigate complex stairwells with bulky furniture. Fragile and expensive items come with most removals, and it’s not uncommon to go into what looks like a typical removal to find that one item that needs special care and attention.

The one thing we always do is treat every removal job on its own merits – we discuss everything with our clients to see what sort of possessions they plan to move, we plan each aspect of the move – the best time to arrive and pack our vehicles, the right size and type of vehicle, what sort of specialist equipment is needed, and what times of the day that particular area might suffer from congestion issues. Because we’ve been in the removals industry for a number of years, we’ve gotten to know London’s traffic hotspots, and we pay attention to the daily traffic updates to avoid roadworks and other potential issues.

Aussie is the one-stop solution for all your removals and related needs – we’re confident that we are able to offer a range of services and removals options to fit everyone’s requirements. We also have storage packages in case you need to store your items for additional security, or there’s a gap between your moves, which is something we’ve encountered a lot over the years. There’s often a transition period between selling your house and moving into your new one, so we’ve created three storage packages – our revolutionary Ausbox storage, which is ideal for affordable storage, our container storage, and self storage options.

Aussie is the can do company, we can undertake any removals job, and we do each job with an ethos that couples amazing customer service and affordable market rates. We offer our clients a service that makes them come back to us and tell their family and friends to do the same, and we put a lot of emphasis on talking to and building relationships with our customers. We understand their needs and how we can take every removals job we undertake to improve our services for future clients.

At Aussie, we let nothing deter us from providing the best customer service available in London.

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