London Freelancers – Avoiding the Exposure trap & Other Savvy Tips

London Freelancers – Avoiding the Exposure trap & Other Savvy Tips

Being a freelancer can sometimes be one of the most flexible ways to work. Unless you happen to work for an awesome, forward-thinking employer. You can set your hours, calculate your hourly rate. There is the possibility of choosing your projects and setting your own agenda. You create the working world you exist in, which all sounds slightly romantic and carefree.

However, this doesn’t paint an accurate picture of the world of a freelancer. The reality is that there is no safety net, no monthly salary, no benefits, and if you can’t find enough work, life can be tricky. If you’re thinking of going freelance, don’t let that put you off. It’s just something to consider. At Aussie, we like to pass on any information that we pick up from working with our clients. Here are some tips for freelancers in London.


Tips for New Freelancers in London – 

The number one issue that a lot of our freelance business customers told us about was being asked to work for exposure and no payment. This is especially true for those in the creative sector. It’s a strange mindset for someone to ask another professional to do work for free, even if they’re then offering some promotion, but it happens a lot.  Although building a client list is necessary for freelancers who are gaining experience, working for no payment should only be done on your own terms.

If you’re doing some initial research before you start freelancing, the best place to start is to calculate your hourly rate. There are lots of articles online which will help you work this out. Once you’re more familiar with this, you will hopefully have a better idea of why exposure is a bad idea. It is true that you’ll need experience and a portfolio of work to show potential clients as a freelancer. That doesn’t mean you should accept exposure work to gain experience or create a portfolio.

There are many ways that you can do this on your own terms. Before you begin your freelance career, it’s worth having a steady income while you work your way towards a client list. That will give you the freedom to slowly piece together enough experience with some selective free work that you offer to people on your own terms. If you have friends or family with their own businesses, you can provide them with one piece of free work, as long as they understand that it’s a one-time deal. And if they agree, try and see if you can get something from them in return. If you repeat this over the period of one year, you’ll have enough work to create a portfolio.


How Storage Units Can be Used for Workspaces –

As you work out your hourly rate, you’ll start to piece together a monthly budget. Most freelancers won’t opt to rent an office space because it’s expensive and the lease period is too long. Many freelancers in London use coworking spaces in the city. Unlike a typical office, a coworking space can be used as little or as much as needed, meaning you only pay for what you use.

If you need something that acts more like a proper office or studio space, then you should consider renting a self storage unit from Aussie. Using self storage units as alternative workspaces have become a popular trend in London. The reasons why make a lot of sense. Renting a self storage unit from Aussie is a lot cheaper than a typical commercial rent in London. In addition, you don’t pay business rates. You’ll have plenty of space to store any equipment or produces, as well as a desk and a filing cabinet for your admin.


Aussie – How We Can Help Freelancers Reduce Monthly Overheads –

Using Aussie’s self storage units for alternative office space is an excellent and savvy way to keep costs low. You’ll have an ideal workspace to store and do admin work, with all the amenities you’d find in an office. However, there are also other ways Aussie can help save freelancers in London money.

Aussie’s Man & Van service is a great way to transport any goods or equipment around the city. Our rates are by the hour, meaning you only pay for what you use. If you’re an artist that needs to take your work to a gallery in London, our Man & Van service is the perfect and affordable solution.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company, and we’re always happy to discuss any move, even if you’re just planning. Our friendly staff is always available to chat with you about anything removals or storage related.

Contact us today to discuss our rates and range of services. We’re sure that we can save you money when you begin your freelance adventure.