Lockdown Removal Services for Businesses in London

Running a business in London during the recent lockdown presents a number of issues to deal with that many of us weren’t prepared for. COVID-19 is changing the way we work and live, which means there’s also a chance to look at your company’s outgoings and other things that might benefit from improvements. Aussie is no different, and we regularly update our customers on our operations during the lockdown.

In this blog article, we’ll discuss ways companies in London can use Aussie to relocate their business. Additionally, we’ll also provide useful information about our business services and how they can add value to your company.

Business Relocations During Lockdown in London –

One reality that a majority of companies in London face during the lockdown is a significant reduction in profits. Unfortunately, this is not met by a similar decrease in costs like rent or business rates, not to mention wages and other outgoings. And the government assistance will likely fall short of the gap, with many SMEs facing the reality of closure.

That’s why many businesses in London are looking into cost-saving measures and other options in a bid to reduce their expenses. And many are moving to different workspaces to reduce costs or to improve efficiency. This could be the time to look at your own company’s rental expenses to see if you could benefit from moving to new premises.

Although things look uncertain or worse at the moment, it might be the right time to undertake some budget work to see if you can tighten your belt. Until now, many people now realise that they spend too much money on needless things. And this is also true for businesses, especially in London where everything is far more costly.

Aussie works with a variety of sectors, which includes anything from video production companies all the way to specialist investment groups. We will assess your business’s needs to tailor a removal package to match your specifications. And we’ll prepare a free, no-obligation quote so you can work out how much you can save from moving to a new workspace.

Removals and Man & Van – What’s Right for Your Business?

If there’s a truth behind every business relocation, it’s that preparation pays off in the end. At Aussie, we approach each removal job on an individual basis. And we need to know as much information about what you’re moving. We base your free, no-obligation quote on a thorough assessment process. From doing this, we’ll see the volume of items relevant for your relocation and which removal package and vehicle size are the most suitable.

Aussie has a fleet of vehicles available, which means we can accommodate all types of relocation. Our Man & Van service is ideal for smaller moves within the same city or town. The volume of items, furniture and equipment will influence the size of the vehicle we assign. If you have larger items of office furniture or a more significant volume of things, we will suggest using our Office Removals service.

Aussie has plenty of experience in all types of office relocations, from large corporations down to start-ups enterprises. We have clients from various business sectors, with recent relocations for businesses in online education learning, healthcare efficiency, capital management, FX trading, a boutique marketing, recruitment and several trading and investment companies.

Most of the companies that are moving offices now need us to act fast. We would assign these relocations as last-minute or as emergency removal jobs. This means we fast-track our assessment process, in addition to assigning a lead person to oversee the relocation. Then, we’ll provide a quote which will include a breakdown of the removal service we believe is the most efficient.

Streamlining Your Distribution and Storage in London –

In addition to the sharp increase in last-minute removals jobs we’re booking, Aussie is now working with an increasing number of businesses for storage and distribution. The shift in circumstances has been rapid, and many companies are finding it challenging to keep up with the strain of operating during the lockdown period.

By allowing us to manage your company’s storage and distribution, you won’t have to worry about stock management or order fulfilment. Our team are time-served experts in removals, storage and often various other useful trades. We can provide a white-glove service and can take care of any assembly requirements your goods or equipment might have.

With twenty-five removals vans available in various sizes at our disposal, we can take on any removals, storage or distribution job. Every vehicle is kitted out with the latest equipment and tools. And by using a removals company, you’ll have the peace of mind that every item will have specialist handling as standard.

The Benefits of Business Self Storage –

Storage is often thought of in narrow terms as somewhere to effectively just store items when you can’t do so yourself. While this is true, business self storage with Aussie is far more expansive than that. We work with various business sectors in London, offering the highest standard of storage service at affordable prices.

If you need somewhere safe and secure for your goods and work equipment, we have the right storage package for you. We can also take over your company’s warehousing and stock management duties while streamlining them with a removals service. Furthermore, some start-ups and SMEs even use our self storage units to run their entire business.

Aussie has excellent storage facilities, and our staff are always available to discuss your storage requirements. Flexibility is one of our key assets, and it’s the reason why so many businesses in London work with us. There is no lease to worry about, so you don’t have to deal with any restrictions on ending your rental agreement.

Aussie’s All Under One Roof Range of Services –

The thing that makes Aussie the ideal solution for all your business needs is our range of services. Even from your first inquiry call or email, you’ll notice that our ethos is positive and proactive. We’re known as the ‘can-do’ company that is a one-stop for removals, storage and distribution. Furthermore, we have a network of partner companies that make it easy to undertake long-distance removals, storage and distribution jobs.

Aussie regularly takes on European and international relocations. We work with partner removals, storage and distribution providers. This provides us with access to storage depots and warehouses all over the UK and on the continent. By utilising this network, we have the ideal setup for overnight haulage and international removals jobs.

Aussie has five branches in London, as well as new facilities in Bath and Oxford. Every Aussie depot has storage units available for both business and domestic customers. Our three storage options include self storage, container storage and our unique AusBox storage packages. In addition to these specific services, we have a range of storage unit sizes to choose from.

Why We Always Achieve the Best Customer Service –

Aussie is London’s favourite removals company, and it’s down to our ‘can-do’ ethos that we apply to every job we undertake. We know that last-minute relocations are incredibly stressful and challenging to try and organise. That’s why you’ll have assistance packing and unloading at both locations, and your work items are in safe hands.

The Aussie team have decades worth of experience, and we utilise this for every relocation we sign up for. People know us by our high standard of service. And our reputation allows us to work with hundreds of companies every week. It’s our experience that happy customers will suggest us to their family, friends and colleagues. In addition, we also get repeat clients who use us for future removals and storage services.

Customer service is the key to everything we do, and we believe that it’s crucial for people who are dealing with sudden relocations. We know that you’re already shouldering a lot of things during the lockdown period and we’ll do everything possible to provide a successful office relocation.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s Number One for Business Distribution, Removals and Storage –

If you need a last-minute business removals service in London, contact us today. We’ll gladly discuss our removals services, as well as any other