Last-Minute or Emergency Removals in London

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When it comes to moving to a new house, there are times where you might find yourself in a tough situation when a last-minute or emergency relocation becomes a reality. That’s when you can pick up the phone and call Aussie Man & Van to come to your rescue. We regularly book last-minute and emergency removals jobs for people all over London. We will do everything we can to help you with your relocation. That leaves you to get on with the rest of the tasks before your upcoming moving day.

You might think it’s too late to start doing things like planning and preparing for your relocation due to time constraints. However, at Aussie, we always suggest trying to go through the same process as you would with more notice. Creating a moving checklist is still the best way to keep on track, even if you’re moving at the end of the week. Start planning today to give yourself as much time as possible. You can also delegate to family members and call in some favours from friends.

Last Minute Removals in London with Aussie –

It might seem like it’s too late to get everything organised in time, but there’s one way to initiate things today. All you need to do is phone or email Aussie, and we’ll begin an assessment on the spot. Once we understand your situation, it’s possible to deploy a removal’s team as soon as possible. We can start the removal process and have a van out with you within twenty-four hours or less in emergencies.

You don’t have to panic – we have fast response times and will move everything along at a pace. We’ll provide a free quote, and we assess every job, even ones on the fly. This gives you the exact pricing and suggestion for a suitable package before you make a decision. Furthermore, we’ll prompt you to take other actions to ensure you don’t miss anything out.

Now you can concentrate on roping in as many people into your emergency relocation as possible. It will help if you get every family member to go online to research your new location. Try and organise a quick trip out there if it’s within an hour’s drive. Ask everyone to make a list of everything worth noting about the new area or that might help other parts of the relocation process.

How to Create a Moving Checklist and Home Inventory –

Before you start packing everything up, our advice is to take your time and start by creating a moving checklist. You can see ours here and use it as a template. Your initial reaction to an emergency removal might send you charging into every room and stuffing things indiscriminately into boxes. This isn’t a good way of doing things and could cause you to break items. You’ll end up with no idea what things are in each box.

It’s necessary to download a home inventory app and log everything via the instructions when you open it. Most home inventory apps are free or very cheap, and you’ll be able to save everything with images. There’s an added bonus of sharing your inventory with your insurance broker and us. This will save time, and you can check if your current coverage needs updating.

Additionally, you can unburden yourself from the packing duties and get the Aussie Man & Van team to do it for you. We have a dedicated Packing service which will save you a lot of time. Our moving experts have decades’ worth of packing and handling experience. You can have complete confidence your belongings will remain in perfect condition as we load and transport them to your new home.

Changing Your Address and Other Preparation Tips –

You’ll also need to contact your current utility providers and council with moving dates and meter readings. The last thing you want is to receive a council tax bill or a gas invoice months after you leave your house. Don’t skim over the stage – you might receive unwelcome bills months down the line. If you’re still the responsible person on the account, it’ll be your debt to clear.

One tip we find useful is to add more evidence when it comes to submitting your readings for gas and electricity. You can do this with your phone to record an image and video. By doing this, you cover your back if there’s a dispute over your final bills. We hope this doesn’t happen, but it’s wise to err on the side of caution when it comes to dealing with outstanding arrears.

You should then list all other service providers and contact them all in one morning or afternoon. Anyone who has your confidential information will need to have your departure date and new address. They can then update your information, stop any further physical letters and so they can prepare your records when you reach your location. Some potential professional to contact is doctors, healthcare, schools, and so on.

Self Storage for Delays in Moving Dates –

It’s a subject we talk about regularly but fortunately not something that happens a lot. However, the reason we raise it is that it can cause significant issues. If you’re already well into the process of moving, you might be leaving your current property soon. A sudden change in moving dates can derail this and leave you scrambling to find suitable storage.

The good news is it’s not as big of a problem as first seems, and there’s a simple way of dealing with this situation. All you need to do is contact Aussie, and we’ll jump into action and start arranging a self storage unit. The process is straightforward and quick, even if you’re using storage for the first time. We’ll guide you through the assessment and discuss things like collections.

Before you can fix any roadblocks causing delays, you need somewhere secure for your belongings. That’s precisely what we can offer, and we’ll arrange to collect everything if necessary. We can do this by the end of the day if it’s that urgent. Then you’ll be able to concentrate on finding temp accommodation and start finding a solution.

Choosing the Best Moving Company in London –

When booking a relocation, it’s worth remembering that reputation goes a long way, and that’s why you should research every company you use. With Google Reviews and Trustpilot, you can see what previous customers thought of us by clicking here. Aussie Man & Van has an overall five-star rating, and we aim to keep it that way by providing excellent customer service for every job we take on.

One aspect of your relocation you can be sure of is that your belongings will reach your new destination in perfect condition. This is crucial for any relocation, even if you’re organising it quickly. At Aussie, we have a team of experts in packing and removals, and this means your possessions will be well protected during transit.

Due to the regular trips we make to Europe, Aussie has a dedicated Overseas Removals service. We move people to every major European city weekly through our network of partner removals and storage companies. This makes it possible for us to take on last-minute removal’s jobs in London, the UK and Europe.

Aussie Man & Van – Providing Last-Minute and Emergency Removals in London –

There’s nothing worse than rushing around because of an emergency. Add this situation to a relocation, and things start to become frantic. Luckily, you can solve various things by contacting Aussie Man & Van. Our range of services covers everything you’ll need for last-minute moves and storage, all under one roof, which means using one company.

Customer service is the foundation and why we’re known as the ‘can-do’ moving company. We have five branches in Greater London, as well as Somerset, Oxfordshire, and Dorset. This includes local relocations and national moves. So, no matter the reason – we can supply you with emergency removals and storage that reach the highest standard of service delivery.

Don’t delay – click here to speak to our assessment team, and we’ll arrange your emergency removal service.