Shipping by sea freight

An excellent option for long distances

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Shipping by sea freight 

Aussie’s sea freight service is an excellent option, particularly for long distances where other methods of transport would be prohibitively expensive. Once our professional team have export-wrapped and removed the contents from your home, your goods are brought back to our depot where we then label all boxes and furniture, and prepare an export inventory, of which you will receive a copy. Your inventory is then loaded into a sea container, which is driven to the appropriate port, and then off it sails, safe and sound, to a new country. We then work alongside trusteddestination agents, all of whom are up to the Aussie standard, to clear your goods through customs, and arrange onwards transportation and delivery to your new home.

Moving to another country via Aussie’s sea freight service means that every stage of your move is handled by fully-trained professionals. We have packing and antique-handling experts at hand and use packaging materials that are robust enough to endure all journeys. We know it can be stressful to have to worry about precious possessions, so everything you entrust us with is put in protective housing.