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Moving from Switzerland to the UK with Aussie

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Removals to Switzerland with Aussie

Removals to Switzerland from the UK are easy, stress-free and affordable when you choose Aussie. Thanks to our courteous, fully qualified personnel, your move, regardless of its size, will be carried out without a hitch. We have decades of experience and carry out moves between countries every week. With staff that speak most European languages, we can undertake moves without handing over any aspects of the job to third parties. We’re part of the Master Removers Group, giving you added peace of mind.

We’ll get your goods and possessions from one end of the journey to the other and can also look after all your packing/unpacking needs. Whether you’re simply transferring a single item of furniture from one property to another or moving a large house, you’ll get the same quality service when you go with Aussie. Removals to Switzerland needn’t be a drain on your resources and your energy; Aussie moves are thoroughly strategised and planned so that any stress falls on our shoulders, not yours.

Whether you’re moving a few items to an apartment in Geneva or completely relocating to Zurich, Aussie’s Switzerland removals service will ensure that your precious belongings arrive in the same state of repair as that in which they left. We can also place each item in the room to which it belongs, instead of simply leaving you with a pile of unopened boxes.

Part-loads to Switzerland

Part-load removals to Switzerland give you great flexibility if you’re working to a tighter budget. By sharing your moving consignment with other customers, you get a more affordable option that makes it easier to manage the cost of your move. Whether you’re arranging removals to Switzerland or any other European country, Aussie’s part-load service gives you the same Aussie ‘Can-Do’ spirit but at an even more appealing price.

Moving from Switzerland to the UK

When your time in Switzerland has come to an end and you need to make the return journey, Aussie can give you every bit as good a service for coming home. And if, in advance of your main move, you need simply to move furniture from Switzerland to the UK, we can ensure it happens on time and with the upmost efficiency.