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Moving to Germany from the UK with Aussie International

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Removals to Germany

When you need competitively-priced, efficient, quality removals to Germany from the UK, Aussie is the most sensible option. That’s because we’ve been doing it for decades, have all the necessary equipment, can handle any bureaucracy, do all your packing/unpacking and work to your budget, regardless of the size of your move. It could be a whole house. It could be just a single item of furniture. Whatever the case, you’ll get a stressless removals service, using Aussie personnel who speak German. We belong to the Master Removers Group, another name you can trust.

Your possessions will be taken from the UK to Germany, with all the necessary arrangements in place to ensure they get to their destination in perfect condition. No job is too large or too small; whatever size yours is, it’ll be handled with exemplary care and consideration, not to mention efficiency. Everything will arrive at the agreed time and date. We can also help unpack and place each item in its appropriate place/room. Aussie German moves are carried out with the exact same ‘can-do’ spirit we bring to all our jobs.

So whether you’re moving to Munich or taking on a short-term job in Frankfurt, or whether you’re relocating to Berlin for good or just visiting a holiday home in Cologne, Aussie German moves will look after as many of the responsibilities as you like. You can opt in or out of an array of services, letting us look after the whole thing or using us simply for the actual move.

Part-loads to Germany

A part-load service simply means that your belongings share a moving consignment with other customers. It’s an option that gives you an affordable alternative, allowing you to keep within the confines of your budget more easily. Removals to Germany needn’t be prohibitively expensive when you choose Aussie, and that’s even more the case when you select part-loads.

Moving from Germany to the UK

All good things come to an end and when it comes time to return home, Aussie removals from Germany to the UK will give you the exact same level of service for the return journey. The same applies; no job is too large or too small. If it’s just a few items of furniture from Germany to the UK, we’ll take the work just as seriously as if it were a whole house.