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Overseas moves by road/truck

Aussie’s road/truck international removal service uses tried and trusted Aussie personnel with fully-equipped vehicles, to pack and load a designated lorry to fit your requirements and choice of destination. Unlike competitors, some of whom will nominate a date according to their own convenience rather than yours, we can deliver your belongings on your choice of date. That’s the Aussie ‘can-do’ spirit for which we’re frequently noted. Not only do we do personal home moves, we also offer white-glove delivery for interior designers(any other people whose goods require extra-special handling), during which we unload and unpack all contents, install furniture and remove waste materials from site.

Every Christmas, we furnish chalets and ski lodges in France and Switzerland as part of our white-glove service. Our overseas road/truck work includes destinations inMalta, Benelux Countries, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Sandinavia, and far beyond. 

From collection and packing to handling import/export issues and customs, delivery and unpacking, the Aussie road/truck service is reliable and safe, and we also offer storage if you need some of your goods to stay in your country of origin. Overseas moves by road are ideal for short/medium-haul destinations and, compared to air freight, they’re much more affordable. Your goods will enjoy the highest possible levels of protection to ensure that they can tolerate all kinds of road conditions and journey-lengths.