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As our name indicates, we’re not just experts at domestic UK moves. We have active links with every country and can move you and your worldly goods to any corner of the globe. Whether you’re leaving Britain or returning here, we’ll arrange a move that takes into account all your specific requirements. We plan international moves with an emphasis on stress-busting so that there’s no anxiety for you at any juncture. You’ll also benefit from the ‘can-do’ spirit that we’ve brought to every job over the last 20 years, and you’ll be moved from one country to the other with courteous, friendly and dependable service.

Our Destinations

We are part of the Master Remover Group one of the UK’s biggest and best removals companies, with depots all over the UK, handling ten thousand removals every year, with personnel available to us in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, The USA, China, Hong Kong, Africa, South Africa, Canada, Singapore and beyond. We don’t just hand over the job to any old people in the destination country; we use thoroughly-vetted partners to ensure that you’re in safe hands no matter the territory.

Moving Abroad Without the Worry

No one could possibly say that moving overseas (or returning) is easy or free of stress, but the point is that at Aussie, we shoulder all of that on your behalf, so that you can just get on with life. You can delegate pretty much every last aspect of the work to us, from selecting all the necessary packaging to packing up your belongings and then loading and unloading the various shipping containers required for your move. Every aspect of transport and delivery will be looked after by us, with nothing left to chance. Our forward-planning teams will make sure that the right things get done at the right time and will look into any additional documentation you might need, making sure it’s in place at the right moment. Your international relocation with Aussie can begin in one of two ways; either via a telephone consultation or an in-person visit to your home. From there, we’ll provide a free quotation (clear, detailed and easy to read), tailor-made to your specific requirements in terms of size, timing and budget. Our strategy for getting you and your possessions from A to B will be laid out in black and white so you can see that everything will be taken care of, and then enjoy a huge sigh of relief.

Some of the nitty-gritty and minutiae of moving overseas can be confusing and wearying. Don’t worry – we’ve got all of that under control and can help you with the completion of forms and documents and negotiating customs issues and requirements. We’ll supply you with the Aussie international moving checklist that has proved so invaluable to our clients in the past. And we’ll be at hand on the phone, whenever you need guidance, moving tips or general moving advice.


As members of the British Association of Removers (BAR), we’re held to certain stringent conditions which means you’re assured of a professional, quality service. When you’re relocating from one country or another is to have to worry about whether or not the company doing your move is up to scratch or even trustworthy. With Aussie, you can relax, instead of having your life upended the way you might with a lesser company.

Costs and Quotations

Whatever your constraints of time and budget, Aussie can help. We’ve got international moves for all sizes of pocket. As with all Aussie jobs, you’ll be assigned a chief Moving Coordinator, so that you always have a principal point of contact who knows exactly what’s going on, sparing you from having to juggle 101 different contact numbers.

Different International Moving Options

International moves come in a variety of shapes, sizes and methods. You can choose whether you want sea, air or road, depending on the nature of your relocation and the possessions coming with you. Sea freight will generally mean a six weeks to two months’ time-frame, while air is faster at seven to ten days. Check our individual pages on these different options for more details. Our advisors can help you work out which option is going to work best for you but, in short, sea freight is the most cost-effective for destinations outside Europe, while road is not only quicker but, for in-Europe destinations, also less costly.

Getting Started

If you already have a good idea of what your move entails, you can use our free, no-obligation quotation form for a fast quote. If you’re at the other end of the scale, with a complicated move, and you’re not even certain of how much stuff you’ve got, we can visit and conduct a full survey. For a telephone consultation, call 0203 405 2000. However you get started, with Aussie you’re now on the way to a successful international move. You can relax. The uncertainty is over. You’ll find us prompt, efficient, friendly and reliable, with that unmistakable Aussie ‘can-do’ culture.