IDEAS to make your London home more exciting and upbeat 

How to make your London home more exciting and upbeat

The pandemic sparked a fetishism of pets and houseplants and home improvements, but like all living things they are here to stay.  Everyone likes to feel good at home, and the familiar is known to breed discontent.  So, as we welcome a post-pandemic era, it’s a good time to get your living space-optimized in simple and creative ways.  Whether it is a reconstruction of major features, a creative lick of paint, or simply select consumer hacks, here are some ideas to enhance wherever it is you call home.  London has an array of different periods of architecture and style in its sprawling metropolis, each with its own characteristic features to enhance. 

Radical Restyle 

The edge of interior design often appreciates nonconventionality and sets old presumptions on their heads to forge a new look.  This is can be seen in the pandemic home renovations celebrated in the 2021Don’t move – Improve! Awards.  Highlights from these modern and innovative new designs include these five ideas. 

  • Poured Concrete- The House Recast by Studio Ben Allen, a Victorian end of terrace in Haringey, was transformed with green and pink pigmented concrete used for internal walls, stairs, counters, and even sinks.  The clean, industrial edge of poured concrete lightened by these colours adds an ancient feel to this most urban of materials.  You can investigate the pros and cons of concrete countertop surfaces here. 
  • Plywood cabinets and flooring – featuring highly on Pinterest is the fashion for all things ply. The blonde wood lends itself easily to a Scandinavian-style interior, and can be used for fronting fitted kitchen units, shelving and even wall panelling.  For a calm natural look, plywood can transform an urban enclave into a natural haven.  So much so, that Ikea have developed their own range.
  • Throw out the kitchen rulebook – Where to be most creative but in the kitchen.  Get the old assumptions out of the door, with a revamp of even the idea of kitchen. While modern kitchens have evolved functionality and storage into a precision operation, you can play around with colour and convention in accordance with your own expression.  Consider these paper splashback upgrades as a cheap and easy way to introduce new elements.Dutch company Behangfabriek offer designer wallpapers and tile papers that can instantly evoke all kinds of historical and modern kitchen themes. 
  • Be Bold with the Paint – Colour blocking, feature walls and floor and ceiling painting.  Paint can always bring new life into a place, but it can be more strategic than a standard decoration job. Colour blocking is when you group together walls, ceiling and furniture all in the same tone.  The idea is to develop highlights in contrast to the overall colour theme, through accented rugs and ornaments.  This dynamic approach to colour can create impact and gravitas in a room.  Flexing the unconventional card again, painting floorboards and ceilings can brighten up a space no end.  Don’t be shy with the colour combinations as London interior designer Ms Pink demonstrates with her own place in Hackney.
  • Raw plaster walls.  The warm and mottled natural pinks of well finished plaster add a natural feel to a place.  Rustic and minimalist, they add a feeling of depth to even a very small space. Cottagecore aesthetic, which celebrates the rustic, imperfect and ancient can be easily achieved with raw plaster walls, some woven basketry and upcycled period furniture. If you want a country home outside of the city, why not create one inside the city for the time being?  

Essential features 

If you are not going for the major revamp, but still want to tweak your environment, there are less involved routes to take.  Consider these five essential features which can add life and dynamism to your home. 

  • Lighting

Lighting is the most important.You can dramatically alter a place through the lighting in it.  Most standard LED bulbs have a blue cold light, which does nothing for the cosiness and intimacy of a home. Colour temperature can change the whole feel of your home instantly. If you can’t change much in your place due to financial restraints, investing in lighting will bring about an instant revolution. Now there are all kinds of designer light bulbs which can assist you and colour-changing light bulbs that add atmospheric panache at a touch of a remote control. If you want to go smart with that Phillips hue have a whole package laid out for you. 

  • Soft Furnishings 

Is really a fancy way of talking about sofas. A statement sofa is meant to say a lot, but it also has to feel good to be the centre of a living room.  Upholstering an old sofa can breathe new life into a room, particularly with your personal choice of fabric. This is the kind of statement which can speak volumes.   Boiling the sofa concept down, there is always the bean bag chair. The best designs of 2021 can be seen here. Less cumbersome, when moving home.  Throws and blankets, sheepskins and rugs can all be great ways to “tie the room together” as Jeff Lebowski once said and must be considered in this category. 

  • House plants 

The verdant interior with lots of trailing plants is a definite contrast to the cityscape and can provide a lot of home comfort.  To achieve this, a lot of plants are required and some designated shelving systems.  However, houseplants soon become a labour of love and an effortless pursuit. If you look at the price of plants and their good indoor pots, it can seem like a huge investment, but over time its easily achieved.  Learn to propagate your own plants and take cuttings from friends and neighbours.  Always see the opportunity of visiting another household as a means of acquiring new cuttings or succulent pieces.  Plants re- oxygenate your home and make wonderful friends. 

  • Personalised furniture piece 

There is nothing like a creative project to rekindle your love for your sense of place.  Perhaps you have some family furniture you inherited and just can’t let go of, or something that has been with you through countless house moves.  Honour that paraphernalia with a creative upgrade, be it a coat of paint, a new mosaic surface, simple wood varnishing or some collage art. 

  • Chandaliers and Candelabras 

   As a finishing touch, you may want to consider pushing the boat out and adding some extra decadence.   Understood, decadence is a black hole that may not vibe with your minimalist theme but consider that the odd accent of sumptuous finesse may be just what your place needs for a touch of elegant frivolity and fun.  If chandeliers and candelabra’s don’t do it for you, consider their equivalent in your spectrum.  It could be a vintage pinball machine, or that 1950’s Smeg retro fridge instead.  Just something, that pleases you so much you always smile when you see it. 

Aussie Man And Van London 

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