Ideas for Reducing Your Homes Carbon Output in London

Ideas for Reducing Your Homes Carbon Output in London

It’s never been a better time for people in London who are proactive and want to make their homes and community eco-friendlier. At the end of the day, we all want better lives for the next generations, and it’s a struggle that will affect everyone. The good news is that it’s possible for us all to do our part in improving London’s environment and that starts at home.

London’s residents can all do their part, and the main thing is to be aware of our carbon output and look for ways to reduce it. And there’s an easy way to calculate your carbon footprint and make positive changes today. Here are some of Aussie‘s favourite tips for reducing carbon emissions to become form a collective response to climate change.

Practical Tips for Creating an Eco-Friendlier Home –

With Cop26 now done and dusted, the focus on eco-friendly solutions is still dominating the nation’s mindset. If you’re thinking of ways you can participate, the one place we can make positive changes is in our homes. While the onus is on the government and big business to step up, helping the environment is something we can all engage in.

However, sometimes it’s not clear how to do this in practical terms. Aussie Man & Van is a greener removal and storage company; we always do our best to pass tips to our customers and followers. We understand that sometimes the path towards a more sustainable home isn’t clear. That’s why we’ll use this blog to go through some hands-on ideas.

We’ll look at some simple changes you can make in your home that won’t cost anything upfront. Additionally, there are also investment options that do have an initial cost but will pay for themselves relatively quickly. A particular emphasis will be on understanding what your carbon footprint is and ways to reduce it.

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint –

Switch to LED Bulbs – One simple but effective way to move towards a greener home is to change to LED lightbulbs. Most incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy, so replacing them with LEDs will lower your overall consumption. LEDs also last for approximately five years, and their efficiency is kinder on the national power grid.

Reduce Air Travel and Imported FoodsAir travel and freight are big-time contributors to carbon emissions, specifically due to the altitude where the CO2 occurs. As we’re looking for solutions, the easiest way to reduce this is by flying less and avoiding/reducing imported food. Try and get a train or bus if you’re travelling within the same country.

Say No to Single-Use Plastic – If you’re a coffee-lover, you can save a tremendous amount of money by avoiding a daily cup of barista coffee. The leading players are also some of the worst offenders for single-use plastic. However, if you can’t resist the lure, buy an eco-friendly cup, and avoid single-use ones. And bonus points for anyone who’s already lugging their reusable bags to the supermarket.

Lights and Taps Off – We’re all guilty of leaving an appliance or light on when it’s not in use. If you are more vigilant, you’ll be able to reduce your energy consumption just by switching devices off. Same with any lights when you’re not in the room. And remember – an appliance that’s on standby is still on.

Stick it on a Cold Wash – By changing your washing machine setting to a cold cycle, you’ll cut out over 90% of its electricity usage. Additionally, it’s much kinder to your clothing due to the reduction in shrinkage and fading colour. Similarly, try to do full loads to maximise water efficiency.

Aussie’s Ulez Compliant Removal Vehicles –

Recently, Aussie put ten brand-new removal vehicles on the road. This is the first phase of a complete roll-out of vehicles that comply with the ULEZ regulations. At this time, the vans are in operation and will primarily focus on relocation jobs in Central London. Many of our vans already meet the compliance standards, and those that don’t will be replaced in stages.

Our self-imposed mandate is to continue adding new compliant vehicles to our current fleet of vans that meet the ULEZ standards and regulations. And for the Aussie team, it’s about more than avoiding the charges that apply to non-compliant vehicles. We want to be part of the positive change that actively reduces the amount of carbon in our atmosphere.

In 2021, people are taking manmade environmental damages more seriously, and the appropriate action needs to happen now. Our company is doing the same, and this initial vehicle replacement phase is just the start of becoming a greener removals provider. By choosing Aussie for your next move, you can also improve your carbon footprint via our better practices.

Greener Removals in London with Aussie –

Aussie has made our own commitment to sustainability, as you’ll know from the previous section regarding ULEZ compliant vans. As a removals and storage company, we are aware that we are carbon emitters and that we have a direct impact on our local environment. For the last several years, we have studied the way we operate and how we can change some of these changes include reusing and repurposing wherever possible.

We always strive to use the best packing materials to ensure durability and protection for our customers’ possessions. Wherever we are able, when a box or container is still in perfect condition, our team will reuse it for the next job. If a moving box isn’t up to scratch and reusing it isn’t possible, we will repurpose it for another function. A typical example would be for additional padding between objects in the moving van.

One of the main ways to reduce our carbon output is efficiency by planning and evaluating every job in detail. By doing this, we can provide the most cost-effective and efficient removals and storage options for each job. This always includes consideration for how many miles we drive. And we all strive to try and cut down our journey lengths and reduce the carbon we emit.

Furthermore, whenever we have items that need to go for recycling, we will always plan this in conjunction with another job to ensure that we are not adding additional journeys where they are not necessary.

How Storage Helps when Organising –

Many of us will be thinking of ways to reduce clutter in our homes but might have concerns about this. That’s because clean-ups invariably involve throwing a lot of things away. Luckily, there’s also a better way to do this environmentally sound manner that will give you the desired result. We’ll also note how using storage can assist when determining what to keep.

The primary goal is to declutter without anything ending up in a landfill. You can achieve this by working out what condition everything is in. Put aside a pile of items that are in good shape, but you no longer use. You can sell them online or donate them to a local charity. For anything else, you can either repurpose wherever possible or recycle the ones that have no alternative use.

So, where does storage fit into this? Simply put, if you’re not willing to pay to store something, you should get rid of it. By renting a self storage unit, you can clear a massive amount of space in your home. Simultaneously, it’s possible to declutter and only retain the things you genuinely want to keep. You’ll then have more space in your home and garden, so why not consider creating a compost bin?

Quality Removals and Sustainable Focus –

When it comes to removals and storage, we all want to receive the best service possible. But there is also a need to ensure that you’re working with a moving provider who values the environment and understands that they have a direct impact. Rember that it’s not just our actions that determine carbon output, but it’s dependent on the companies we hire.

At Aussie, we make it possible to satisfy both needs, in addition to doing so at affordable prices. We have several things in place to ensure quality and accountability. To make sure that you are using a reputable moving company, you can check out any business on Google to see what that rating or the five is. We also suggest looking at the platform Trustpilot and various of us. Remember to base this on how many reviews on for each prospective company.

You will also be able to read testimonials from previous customers, and we suggest you do so. Click here to read Aussie’s live online reviews. We also have a stringent Quality Policy in place, which includes BAR affiliation. This gives our customers a little more assurance that they will receive the best service for their needs. We also have a robust environmental policy in place; by using us, you will be improving your carbon footprint via a greener removals company.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s Greener Removals Company –

Aussie Man & Van has always been a company that pays attention to how we operate. Whether reducing our carbon emissions or reusing materials, one of our priority ambitions is to become more energy conscious. And everyone at Aussie welcomes the ULEZ regulations and compliance standards.

London can lead by example, and other cities in the UK and worldwide will follow. We can shake the negative image of a city that suffers from high levels of carbon emissions. This can positively impact the next generation’s future, and it’s worth making some sacrifices now. We can all play a vital role in reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.

If you have an upcoming relocation and want to work with a company that’s actively lowering its carbon output, click here. We can provide you with an affordable and greener removal’s solution in London.