How to store a bicycle 

How to store a bicycle

Bicycles are a great way to get around London. ULEZ and congestion charge exempt, they weave through the streets practically sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Well, they don’t add any, plus you are exercising all the while, and setting a great example.  If only the weather could support such a noble activity all year round.  For some, the wintry months may mean a seasonal relationship to one’s two-wheeled steed, in which case how to store a bicycle for the winter is important.  In this article, we look at how to store bicycles in the home, outside the home, and in a storage space. 


  1. How to store a bike inside a flat 
  2. How to store a bike in a garage
  3. Getting your bike ready for winter storage
  4. How to store a bike outside 
  5. How to store a bicycle long-term 
  6. Aussie storage options in London

How to store a bike inside a flat 

Starting with the trickiest storage number. Flats and apartments usually have stairs, narrow passages, and limited space. Stabling your fine steed inside may require some dedication. However, cycling geniuses of the past have come up with great storage options for mounting bikes and utilizing wall space.  Here are a few options that maximise space within your flat to accommodate your bicycle without taking up valuable square meterage.

  • Mounting on the Wall 

Keeping your bicycle flush against the wall and off the ground can save space. Wall mounts can keep your bicycle off the ground in a horizontal position with a few hooks.   Wall hooks will give you the space to lift one wheel off the ground and hook it to the wall.

  • Pole Rack 

A telescopic pole rack could be a great way to store bikes in a hallway, basement, or communal area in a flat. Often, they are made to accommodate two bicycles.  The pole wedges between the floor and ceiling, providing space to hang bicycles off the ground. 

  • Free-standing racks can be bought for one or two bikes. These are great when your tenancy agreement will not permit drilling into the wall or fittings of your accommodation. 
  • Ceiling-mounted bike rack 

You are most likely to have come across these in bicycle shops, but you can get them for a home or garage and maximise your space while storing your bicycle(s).A ceiling mounted bike rack is easy to install at home with basic DIY skills. There are a range of options to choose from depending on your space and how many bikes you may need to store. While these are good options for flats and apartments, they will also work well in hallways and garages in larger homes. 

How to store a bicycle in a garage 

Obviously having a garage is an advantage, your bike will be sheltered, dry, and easy to locate. However, you may have numerous bikes that are at worst a trip hazard, and at best a muddle, in which case one of the above ceiling or wall-mounted options is going to change all that. If you are using your bicycle regularly, then a garage is a perfect place to keep it.  You can have your bike maintenance kit all close to hand and perform any repairs right there on the spot. If you are going to store the bike away for a season or for the long term you may want to consider the following guidelines. 

Getting your bicycle ready for winter storage 

Maintaining anything is a process.  For a bicycle, the main enemies are rust and neglect To keep these two at bay we recommend these steps. 

  • Cleaning your bicycle.  Removing residual mud and grime will keep rust and deterioration at bay. Use a damp cloth and soap, before hosing and drying down your bicycle. 
  • Oil the chain and gears with a spray-on lubricant to keep them from rusting up.
  • Inflate your tyres so they are rounded. This may seem pointless as you are not planning to ride, but it will help preserve the integrity of the rubber in your tyres.  
  • Lay cardboard under the tyres of your bike to keep them slightly off the ground.
  • Cover your bicycle.  You can do this with a bike cover which will add extra protection, or even some spare tarp or plastic you may have.  You want to protect the paintwork from anything in the environment which could mark or stain the body of your bike. 

How to store a bike outside

Without space inside, a garage, basement, or floor capacity, your bike may be weathering the storm outside.  This is not uncommon and so there are multitudes of outdoor bike covers to choose from. Lockable bike covers are popular, designed with space for D and chain locks. In heavy-duty, waterproof fabrics they shield and protect your bike from being visible to thieves as well as protecting them from the elements.   One step further is the bike tent, where innovative design creates a perfect mini stable for your bicycle, easy to construct and move and take with you.  In fact, there is a whole range of portable bike tent/storage spaces to investigate, as well as the traditional fixed shed option. 

How to store a bicycle long-term 

If you are storing your bicycle for a long while, it is important to consider the environment where it will be stored.  The ideal place for storing a bicycle will be:

  • Dry and moisture-free 
  • Well ventilated 
  • Safe and secure 
  • With temperatures not too hot or too cold

Where you choose to store a bicycle will depend on your circumstances and the value of your bicycle. These days good bikes can be quite an investment so storing them in an ideal environment will help maintain that investment. 

Aussie storage options in London 

Aussie has three different storage options available in London, with different rates for different access requirements.

With the best security and CCTV monitoring our self-storage sites in Chelsea and St John’s Wood are a great option if you need to access your bike and possessions regularly. 

Aus Box and Aus Box mini offer affordable storage with accessibility four times per calendar month.  At £26 per week and £15 per week plus VAT, you get all the benefits of self-storage without the standard costs. 

For long-term storage with a lot of container space, this option at £20 per week plus VAT is a great storage solution.  Ideal when moving house or downsizing, our service includes packing, inventories, and redelivery when you are ready. 

All these options would work for storing a bicycle while overseas, hibernating, or in transition. Plus, you could free up a lot of space in your home or office by utilizing external storage. We like to make it easy for our customers when it comes to removals and storage in London. With a team of handymen, we can also assist you in setting up your new home and fixing the wall mounts for your new bicycle storage areas.  Contact us today to discuss your storage needs in London and we can provide you with a free no no-obligation quote. 

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