How to Prepare for a Small Office Removals in London

Office Removals Check List

For any business operating in London, it’s vital to remain in touch with the latest trends, in addition to staying adaptable and flexible. The capital is an ideal environment for start-ups SMEs that combine innovation and a strong sense of customer service. And growth is a clear sign that your company is doing something well. That’s why it’s essential to use a professional removals company to relocate you if you’re planning an office move.

Aussie understands the importance of adapting to incorporate new ways of working and new movements in the business world. Our entire range of removals services was brought to fruition by innovating to suit our customers’ needs. By offering various options for specialist business removals packages, we guarantee to meet your company’s requirements in London.

Things to Consider When Moving Office in London –

Aussie is known as London’s ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, which means we take customer service very seriously. Every removals package and related service is designed to meet a higher standard of service delivery. And one of our business removals services is providing complete office relocations.

The businesses we work with require a superior removals service that often needs specialist experience to handle. Our clients are looking for a removals company that can avoid breakages or damage in transit. Additionally, it’s vital that there are no delays or lost downtime. And by booking with us, they know that their items will be handled with care by experts.

Every office relocation we undertake undergoes a stringent level of assessment from a project manager. We liaise with our client to work out what type of office setup they want. The Aussie team can deliver the exact specifications for each client. So, whether you want a mirror image replication of your current office or a brand-new layout, we will carry out in full. This includes the complete dismantling of all your furniture and disassembling all the fixtures and fittings from your old office.

We’ll transport everything to your new location, assemble all your furniture over the weekend. It’s usually a good idea for us to start work on Friday morning so that we can clear the office you’re vacating. Our team can then work over the weekend to ensure both offices are spotlessly clean, the installations of your furniture and IT equipment are complete, all in time for Monday morning.

Choosing the Best Office Relocation Company –

With new trends and innovations entering our lives and the workplace every year, we certainly live in exciting times. And there are lots more ways to check into a prospective company now before booking them. The internet has given consumers a broader ability to share experiences and provide an assessment for the services they receive.

Online review platforms are part of an ongoing transformation in customer service and how we choose service providers. Years ago, most of us would have to go on word of mouth recommendations. Now, through platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot, you can see how previous customers rated a company. It’s this level of insight that can provide you with a high quality of service.

Additionally, people find it easier to notice tell-tale signs and small details that can determine whether a company is legitimate or not. Usually, a reputable company will promote themselves similarly with a professional website. If you only find a social media page, chances are they’re one to avoid booking with. Furthermore, you should test out any prospective company with an email or phone call.

It’s not a great idea to choose a removals company from price comparison sites. They only provide the lowest prices without any indication of the company’s rating or previous customer experience. We are a five-star company, but our prices are also affordable, making it possible for everyone to enjoy our services.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s Number One for Business Removals –

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage provider, and we’re the fastest growing company in London. In addition to our five removals and storage branches in London, we now operate in Bath from our new depot. The reason for our success is by making customer service our paramount concern.

At Aussie, we believe that business removals should be affordable and attain a high standard of customer service. By booking with us, you shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. Aussie’s business customers enjoy the best of both and frequently return to use us for other services.

Aussie’s Packing service sets us apart from the competition. Our team will arrange all your office furniture and equipment correctly to avoid breakages or damage. We plan everything in detail to make sure we understand any specific details that need additional attention.

If you’re planning to move offices during 2019, contact us today. We guarantee you’ll be glad you chose to book London’s number one for business relocations.