How To Find The Right Part of London For You

You may already be here but feeling somehow unsatisfied by your chosen area. Or it could be that you’re on the cusp of joining the teeming, bustling masses of the capital for the first time. Perhaps following a period of self-exile, you’ve decided that London’s not so bad after all and you’re plotting your return. Of course, money largely determines where we feel we can or can’t live in in the city. Some people are prepared to sacrifice space in order to be reasonably central. Others gladly endure a long Tube journey back and forth every day so that they can reside in larger properties and enjoy luscious gardens and patios. Sometimes there’s so much to consider that it seems near-impossible to determine which part of London is the one for you. We did a bit of asking around among the team here at Aussie, and we’ve distilled the results down to three crucial questions.

1. Where does your life outside work take place? Friends, family, GP, schools, nursery schools, hobbies, clubs, cinemas, theatres, restaurants…all this forms a vital social network, something all of us need, except the few who’ve consigned themselves to life as a hermit. This is the real stuff of life – the things and people we love – and it’s important to have at least a good chunk of it in walking distance.

2. Where do you work? Some people might give this question precedence over the first one. After all, it’s where we live out most of our lives. It’s unrealistic to think we can always live within walking distance of the office, but it’s important to give the home-work distance some forethought. Perhaps you could benefit by living on the same Tube line as the one you get out at for work.

3. How close are the things you need? We’re talking supermarkets, individual shops like butchers and bakers, and other outlets for those daily essentials. Then there are chemists, hospitals, shopping malls and so on. Give these some consideration so you don’t end up having to go on a trek every time you need that pint of semi-skimmed milk.