How Can Landlords in London Benefit from Storage and Man & Van Services?

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Being a landlord in one of the busiest cities on earth isn’t an easy career to choose, and it’s usually for people who can naturally multitask. Many landlords in London have several properties in their portfolio, and it takes plenty of organising. It’s essential to have access to a vehicle and somewhere to store furniture, but it’s not always affordable with London’s rental prices.

Is it possible for London landlords to find a workable solution that isn’t too expensive?

How do Landlords in London Use a Man with a Van Service?

To help outline how landlords that currently work with Aussie use our services, this section will discuss some practical uses of our Man & Van package for things like:

  • New and temporary landlords who don’t own a suitable vehicle yet
  • Transporting lots of furniture and appliances in one go
  • Dealing with emergency removal situations
  • Having a limited amount of staff for heavy-lifting duties

There’s an assumption most people make that all landlords have a large van or truck to transport things like settees around when they need to. However, this isn’t always the case, especially for new landlords or people who rent out their property on Airbnb. There may also be times where a landlord has problems with their work vehicle. This is where Aussie’s Man & Van service can help.

For most of the time, landlords will only collect a manageable number of items from their properties. However, there are situations where jobs coincide, and you’re left with a massive amount of things to collect at one time. If you don’t have a large van, this can become a headache. Aussie has a fleet of removal’s vans available, and we can collect everything in one go.

Additionally, you might find yourself in an emergency situation where things like beds, fridges, and settees to move out of a property straight away. And on top of that, you’re short-staffed and have to do everything yourself. Aussie can take on last-minute jobs, and every man with a van service comes with two of our team members to do all the heavy-lifting work. There’s the bonus of being able to rent by the hour, meaning you only pay for what you use.

How Storage is Cheaper Than Renting Commercial Workspaces –

It’s not just the work’s vehicle that can cause problems for landlords in London. Commercial rental is costly, and it’s not always possible to rent somewhere to store furniture, tools and other work-related equipment. However, there is an affordable option that a lot of the landlords we work with use and that our storage units.

A self storage unit has everything you need for a basic workspace. Furthermore, they’re a lot cheaper than London’s average square-per-metre costs, and there’s no lease to worry about. By using self storage, you’ll have a secure place for all your work items with the peace of mind they’re safe from theft or damage. You can visit your self storage unit as much as you like during our operating hours.

Many landlords use their storage units to do their paperwork in, as well as storing their tools and furniture. There are various unit sizes available for both short and long-term storage requirements. And every Aussie branch has WC, Wi-fi, and somewhere you can make hot drinks. Everything adds up to an affordable workspace that meets most landlord’s requirements.

Aussie Man & Van – A London Landlord’s Go-To Removals and Storage Partner –

Aussie’s range of services is the ideal partner company for any landlord in London. We’re the ‘can-do’ company, and we work hard to provide the best customer service possible. Similarly, we have an excellent range of services, making it possible to get everything you need from one company. And we don’t just do removals and storage. Aussie also provides an unbeatable cleaning service and other packages to help you and your business.

Aussie Clean is London’s number one professional cleaning company. Landlords now have access to our End of Tenancy and Carpet Cleaning services. Both ideal for when tenants move out to make sure your property is ready to be rented as soon as possible. Moreover, Aussie Clean can deploy our expert cleaning operatives to undertake jobs with tight deadlines.

If you’re a landlord in London and you’d like more information on our Man & Van and Self Storage services, please contact us today. We’re confident that we can add value to your business.