Are You Superstitious? House Moving Superstitions from Around the World

Preparing Your House for Sale in London For anyone who is planning on putting their house or flat for sale in London in 2022, there are a few things that you might have to consider. London has a lot of new housing developments in the pipeline, which means fewer potential buyers for your property. Couple that with the gradual decline in property values in the capital, and you could face some tough decisions. When selling our home, the primary aim is to achieve the asking price without waiting for months on end to sell. There is one method that many people use to improve their chances of a timely sale. Home staging is a service that can improve the aesthetic appeal of a property that's in preparation for viewings. There are professional home staging consultants, but it's also possible to undertake the project yourself should you prefer to take control of the sale of your home. And to help you work out which option is more suitable, here are some tips on how to approach the presentation of your house or flat in London. How to Prepare Your House for Sale – Home staging is essentially about showcasing your home in its best light. And to do that, there needs to be an objective evaluation of your property by someone with an eye for detail. That's why many people use professional home stagers for this task. And because Aussie has a long history of working with companies and individuals in all sectors, we will happily arrange a referral for you. This option has costs to consider, but it has helped many of our customers sell their homes. However, it's possible to take the work on yourself as a DIY home refurbishment or renovation project. It's worth drafting some pros and cons of hiring a home staging expert against undertaking the project yourself. And make sure you cost everything out entirely before you make a decision. If you go with the option of doing the home staging yourself, the first thing that you need to do is to clean your house or apartment thoroughly. There are two ways of doing this. You can do the dirty work yourself, or you can let London's best professional cleaning company, Aussie Clean do it. A spotless home isn't just for appearance purposes; that comes later in the process. You'll notice any maintenance issues that require your attention. Professional Cleaning and Handyman Services – Every carpet must undergo a steam clean, which can be done with Aussie Clean, or you'll need to hire a specialist machine. All deep stains and grime should be removed by moving all appliances and cleaning in, under and behind. Similarly, each room needs a new coat of paint. For every wall and woodwork, including the skirting boards and window frames. You should hire a plasterer to fix any issues with the walls. Even the slightest dent or crack might put off a potential buyer. You'll need to be mindful of reducing any issues with buyers' confidence. If someone views your house and see things like upper-wall or ceiling cracks, they might say nothing, but their interest ends there. To reduce this happening, ensure that any visible flaws and minor repairs are taken care of. This doesn't mean disguising any significant issues – you'll need to get contractors in for those. Are you struggling for time or lacking confidence in your ability to perform any of this? Luckily, there's a solution at hand – hire Aussie to do it for you. In addition to our core services, we have specialist packages and add-ons available. Two of these are our Professional Cleaning and Handyman services. This means you can get on with the sale preparations while we do the nitty-gritty stuff. Using Man & Van and Home Removals in London – Home staging is similar to interior design or renovation work, and depending on the state of your property, the latter could be a requirement. Our first suggestion will be clearing and creating as much space as possible in your home. Renting a self storage unit will keep your possessions safe and secure, as well as give you more room to spruce up your house or apartment. There is no lease to worry about – you only need to keep your storage unit for the duration of your project. Many of our customers retain their units long after their home staging or renovation work ends because of storage's convenience. And once you sell your current home, you may need storage to tide you over between moving dates. Aussie has a range of removals services that suit every type of home staging or renovation project. Many professional home developers and interior designers use our man with a van and Self Storage services for every job they sign up for. A lot of freelancers use our self storage units for their office and workspace. And our Man & Van service provides them with a vehicle. Aussie's Man & Van package is the best of its kind in London and aims to attain the highest standard of service delivery. You have two Aussie team members at your disposal for all the heavy-lifting work with this service. Additionally, you'll have the use of a vehicle for any collections of materials. Prepare Thoroughly and Start Straight Away – As the saying goes – there's no time like the present. And by that, we mean you should start one of your many duties today. Yes, you're reading this correctly. If you adopt the mindset never to miss an opportunity to make progress, you'll make a flying start, and time will be on your side. It's the best gift you'll give yourself when putting your home on the market. Time is a precious commodity when selling up and moving to a new home, and it seems to disappear at an alarming rate as you edge closer to your moving day. Even more so if you're rushing around because of leaving too many tasks until the final month. Or worse still – you have waited until the last week to begin things like booking a moving company. Give yourself a fighting chance by getting things done whenever you can. While significant issues are rare and, most relocations go smoothly enough, there's always the potential for a major problem to arise. By giving yourself plenty of time, you can easily remedy it. But if you don't, it might cause a delay that results in you left in relocation limbo. Stay On Track with a Moving Checklist – There's one guarantee you'll find with most if not all relocations – you'll be busy. It's never wholly apparent what that entails until you're right in the midst of it all, occasionally overwhelmed and frazzled. And it's not a case of planning the move itself – there's family time and work to consider. And it rare anyone has the luxury of putting things to one side to organise a relocation. So how would someone keep everything on track, especially if they're new to moving? The answer is to create or use a pre-existing moving checklist. You can adapt and change the information in this one here to suit your specific requirements. The idea is to list every task in relation to your move, leaving no detail out. Then you simply cross each point off as you complete it. You should use this in conjunction with a blank calendar or a phone application. This will provide you with a timeline to show you exactly how long you have until the big move. Our top tip is to break the larger tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. You'll find it much easier to deal with the more cumbersome chores by doing this while keeping the momentum going. A Range of Storage Options when Relocating – Storage can play a handy role for anyone planning the next stage of their house sale. In most cases, a seller is also a buyer who prepares to purchase another property. This tends to happen simultaneously, adding to the general chaos that goes with selling a home. One way to balance this out is having somewhere to store things while you renovate or pack. Aussie has three storage options that are essential for anyone selling and relocating. Self storage is ideal for people who need space to undertake repairs and cleaning. You'll have unlimited access during our business hours. This means you can move building materials and tools back and forth without any restrictions. People tend to use container storage when they need a long-term storage option. That's because this package has access restrictions that make it difficult to move your possessions in and out. You might use this if you're moving overseas and need to keep some belongings in the UK. AusBox is our innovative storage option that combines elements of both previous packages. It's an affordable storage choice if you have fewer items to store. You can access your AusBox unit four times a month without additional charges. Aussie – Removals Services That Help Sell Homes in London – Aussie works with tens of thousands of people who sell and relocate in London every year. It's essential to make your home look its best when people attend viewings. Even the slightest defect can make a difference in how they respond to your home. That's why home staging can make it much easier to sell your house or flat. Although people think that home staging is an unnecessary expense, our team has seen the benefits first-hand. That's why we can help arrange these services while also organising your relocation. Similarly, we will be on hand at all stages of your relocation once your current property sells. Approaching the sale of your home proactively could be the difference between spending a couple of months in London's housing market or over a year. With some well thought out investment and hard work, you'll sell your home in no time and be ready to close the deal on your new home. If you would like to discuss our range of services or ask for a home staging referral, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Click here to discuss how man & van and storage services can help sell your home in London.

Regardless of whether you’re moving within the UK ,Europe or even further afield, you’ll no doubt have heard superstitions and myths for relocations. While some of them are harmless and amusing, others require more scrutiny and should be debunked wherever possible. To this end, Aussie presents our very own guide to removals superstitions from around the world.

Relocation Superstitions from Around the World –

There’s an old Irish tradition that states you should always exit through the same door you enter. Not doing this is said to bring an untold amount of bad luck. Apparently, it’s fine to do this once and then use other exits afterwards. In the Philippines, it wouldn’t be unusual to scatter coins in the living room on moving in day. This encourages good fortune and prosperity, which sounds like a good idea.

In the southern states of America, people believe spirits can’t cross water, so they paint their porches blue. This is to trick any would-be ghosts into thinking the front of the house is water. Similarly, some people believe sprinkling a pinch of salt on the floors in every room and front door will ward off evil spirits. After twenty-four hours, you’re okay to hoover them up along with any evil spirits.

If the weather says it’s supposed to sprinkle or, even worse, thunderstorm on moving day, you might want to reschedule. It’s a superstition throughout many different cultures and countries that it’s bad luck to move on a rainy day. Others include avoiding relocating on a Friday or Saturday, but we’re not sure why.

A Range of Removals Services –

While these superstitions or myths are harmless enough, it’s worth noting that most removal companies can cope with rainy conditions. Additionally, there’s no actual reason to avoid moving on a Friday or Saturday, other than it is not very easy to secure Fridays or find a company that will work weekends. What’s more important to anyone who’s organising a relocation is finding the correct service.

A home removal service, which is often referred to as a domestic package, will share some traits for most removals’ companies. Similarly, every removals and storage company in London will offer a removals service that covers the basics. This will include all loading and transporting of your possessions.

One of the packages in Aussie’s range is our dedicated Packing service. Our team will do all the heavy-lifting, inventory, loading and unpacking work for you. This can be invaluable for people who have busy work or household schedules. And this is a service that covers national and European relocations. Aussie’s removals team have all the right packing materials which we also offer for sale from our website and branches.

If you run into an issue with moving dates, we have three storage options available for domestic customers. Our Container Storage package would be suitable if you want long-term storage without the need for regular access. The Self Storage package is typically for people who require frequent access or needs storage for a short period. And our AusBox Storage package combines elements of both the previous options.

Aussie Man & Van – Removing the Myths from Relocating –

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company that will take on any relocation job, delivering the best possible service. And due to our high standards and attention to detail, we are fortunate to have a loyal group of customers. Furthermore, we receive hundreds of new customers via referrals from happy clients who recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues.

Customer service is of paramount importance to the Aussie team. We work hard to create and deliver the best removals packages in London. In addition to the tried and tested removals services, we have specialist packages that you won’t find anywhere else. For us, more options equal a better standard of service.

If you’re planning your next relocation in London, contact us today. We guarantee to make your relocation successful without having to scatter any coins or worry about using the same door when arriving and leaving.