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Beyond the Basics: 5 Innovative Ways Dorset Residents Use Storage

Posted on 28th December 2023 by The Aussie Team
Beyond the Basics: 5 Innovative Ways Dorset Residents Use Storage

When you ponder storage, the mind usually conjures dusty boxes and ancient furniture. Yet, there’s a twist – it’s not merely a mundane fix; it’s a dynamic solution with perks for your professional and personal lives. Self storage isn’t confined to mere hoarding; it’s a lifestyle enhancer. This blog takes you on a journey through the unexpected advantages.

It’s not just about shoving things into the void – self storage has layers. Aussie’s is delving into five unanticipated ways to elevate your storage game. Storage ticks every box, whether you’re carving out your sanctuary to organise sports gear, running a home-based hustle, throwing epic parties, or crafting a hub for creativity.


  • Crafting Personal Workspaces with Self Storage
  • Unlock the Potential of Home-Based Businesses with Storage
  • Keep Your Sporting Equipment Organised with Self Storage
  • Leverage Storage to Host Special Events in Style
  • Use Storage to Create Your Own Art Studio or Creative Space
  • Aussie Storage – Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Storage Needs

Crafting Personal Workspaces with Self Storage

When the home office feels like a distant dream, turn to self storage for an affordable and customisable solution. Design your workspace to suit your style and wallet without the hefty price tag of a traditional office. You can transform a storage unit into a productive and comfy professional haven with the proper setup.

By opting for self storage, you dodge the financial burden of pricey office rentals. Similarly, flexibility becomes your ally, allowing you to tailor your work environment to your schedule. Plus, you gain extra space for supplies and equipment and a dedicated spot for all your admin needs.

Invest in innovative storage solutions like shelves, cabinets, and containers for seamless operation. Keep it clutter-free and cosy with ergonomic furniture, ensuring your self-made workspace is ready for action with just a computer or laptop.

Please also note that we offer container storage for people with long-term storage needs.

Unlock the Potential of Home-Based Businesses with Storage

Home-based businesses are finding a sweet spot in the realm of Aussie. Tapping into a storage unit offers a savvy solution for separating business from home. It’s like having an off-site office without the hefty price tag, allowing entrepreneurs to optimise their living space while keeping essential materials at their fingertips. Plus, it’s a step up in security compared to the garage, providing a fortress for valuable business assets.

Are you venturing into solo enterprises? Business self storage is your game-changer. Slash those overhead costs by skipping the separate office rental. Entrepreneurs can boost focus and productivity with a dedicated workspace in a storage unit. What’s more, there’s no more rummaging through the house for supplies – everything’s neatly stashed in the storage unit, leaving your home clutter-free and your business game on point.

Launching an e-commerce or small trading empire with storage demands a game plan. Count every dollar, stock up on essentials, and dive into detailed cost analysis. Explore the Aussie’s storage options to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget. On the contrary, it’s not just storage. This is a strategic move for entrepreneurs aiming to conquer the home-based business arena.

Keep Your Sporting Equipment Organised with Self Storage

Our storage units offer a fortress for your prized possessions – sports gear, uniforms, or accessories. It’s not just about security; it’s about creating an organised haven where you can quickly locate and stow away all your sports essentials. No more cluttered home or garage – Aussie lets you ace the game of convenience.

Why choose Aussie Storage for your sports gear? Security takes the gold medal. It’s a haven that keeps your gear safe and sound, eliminating the stress of items getting mixed up or lost in the shuffle. Shielded from the elements, your equipment stays in top-notch condition, ready for action whenever you are.

Organising your sports gear in a storage unit is a strategy game. Therefore, group items by type, employ plastic bins and shelves for a neat setup and remember the labelling game. Easy access is critical – keep your MVP items within arm’s reach. With these tricks up your sleeve, storage turns into your sports HQ, ensuring your gear is match-ready for that next game, round of golf, or gym session.

Leverage Storage to Host Special Events in Style

Forget the hassle of scattered spaces – event organisers can stash everything in one spot. Likewise, it’s not just about convenience; it’s about having a designated home for all your event essentials. No more fretting about extra space or hauling items across town – storage offers flexibility tailored to your event needs. Use the space and return it when done – it’s that simple.

Flexibility is the game’s name, saving event organisers time, money, and effort. Aussie’s units provide the freedom to choose a package that fits like a glove, ensuring you have the necessary storage space without unnecessary commitments. Do you want to avoid transporting items or renting additional space? With self storage, it’s a worry-free event game plan.

Even for non-professional events like birthdays, Aussie takes the cake. Rent a storage unit for the duration of the event – store everything in one spot, stress-free. There is no need to break the bank with extra space rentals; We allow you to keep the unit only as long as you need. Hosting a memorable party or special occasion becomes feasible and affordable with self storage.

Use Storage to Create Your Own Art Studio or Creative Space

Are you looking to craft your own art studio or creative haven? Storage units have your back. These spaces aren’t just for storing; they’re your canvas for expressing creativity and honing your craft. Secure, climate-controlled, and ready to host your artistic endeavours, we can help you set up an inspired workspace.

These storage units won’t break the bank, making it a budget-friendly option for emerging artists. Beyond that, Aussie provides a secure sanctuary for your art supplies, shielding them from theft or damage. Furthermore, dive into your creative flow without distractions by utilising storage units to achieve your best work.

Setting up your art studio in a storage unit demands strategic thinking. Optimise your space for accessibility, ensuring your artwork and supplies are within arm’s reach. Good lighting and comfort are central to those long creative sessions because they set the right tone. Storage isn’t just a space; it’s your blank canvas, ready for you to paint your artistic journey.

Aussie Storage – Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Storage Needs

At Aussie, we understand that not all storage needs are created equal. That’s why we’re different from your typical storage solution. Aussie Storage offers diverse services and options to cater to various needs – from the straightforward to the more intricate. Similarly, choose from different storage unit sizes and explore flexible packages for residential and business customers.

The Aussie team understands the importance of keeping your belongings secure. Our storage units have temperature controls, ensuring everything stays in top-notch condition. Safety is our priority, with modern security systems, including constant CCTV coverage throughout our facility. Moreover, storage offers flexibility, adapting to different scenarios and meeting diverse requirements.

Ready to simplify your storage journey? Click here to share your storage requirements, and our team will guide you to the perfect solution. We’re here to make storage hassle-free and tailored to your needs. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote – your unique storage solution is just a click away.

Need some help calculating what storage unit size and service? Click here to use our storage size guide and compare the main storage packages here.