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Popular Reasons Why People Use Self Storage in Dorset

Posted on 10th January 2022 by The Aussie Team
Popular Reasons Why People Use Self Storage in Dorset

Trying to make extra space in your Dorset home is no easy task, and it doesn’t help that each square foot increases the rent or mortgage costs. That’s why thousands of people rent an Aussie storage unit because they know it’s the ideal way to increase your living spaces. Using self storage is an excellent way to create additional space at home and is more affordable than upgrading to a larger house or flat.

Aussie has a range of storage options to suit every person and business in Dorset. We’re a relatively newer storage provider in Dorset, but we already work with people and companies from all over the county. If you’re looking for additional space at home, the simple way to do it without spending lots of money is Aussie’s self storage.

Common Reasons for Using Self Storage –

Aussie offers several essential storage options that cover domestic needs through to business storage and everything in between. Our number one focus is to design and deliver a range of storage services to ensure that we can meet everyone’s requirements. And if there’s a gap in storage packages, we’ll adapt our pre-existing services to try and accommodate specific demands.

The Aussie Self Storage package is the perfect way to create more space in your home and the outdoor areas. One of the most challenging aspects of living in the same property for several years is the accumulation of things. You may have little to no additional storage provisions for people who live in apartments. That’s where our household storage can be invaluable and might prevent you from having to move.

We work with hundreds of businesses from all over Dorset every month. Regardless of the business sector, we have the flexibility to provide the right service for your company. One client recently told us that the additional space and security that self storage offers is vital to their company. It was also apparent that the cost comparison between storage and commercial rent is significantly cheaper.

Due to improvements in technology, it’s now easy to reduce our use of printed documents. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need paper documents. For some legal records, it’s a necessity to have the physical documents on hand. Aussie’s Document Storage package offers various features to help keep your crucial documents safe.

Other Benefits of Storage Units in Dorset – 

Rental and mortgage repayments will always become a significant expense for you to cover each month. And every extra storage space comes at a cost. That’s not to mention the price difference between a one-bed and a two-bed apartment. Self storage can open significantly more room in flats, so you don’t have to compromise your living spaces.

It tends to be a truism that people who use self storage are less likely to allow clutter to accumulate in their homes. It’s a simple concept: would you pay to keep your things in storage if you don’t use or need them? The answer should be no, but it’s something we all do in our homes. That’s usually because it’s more convenient to try and shove things into cupboards.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, renting a self storage unit from Aussie can provide you with everything you need for a fraction of the cost. You can store your products and work equipment in the knowledge that they’re safe and secure from theft or damage. You can also have a desk and a computer in there, and before you know it, you have a basic, no thrills workspace.

Reclaim the Garage and Convert the Loft – 

Let’s explore households more in-depth and how storage can open up space. There are two main locations when it comes to hoarding – the garage and loft. Additionally, people tend to move onto the spare room when both are full. It goes without saying that this is an incredibly poor use of these rooms, and they’ll all eventually fill up with things until it becomes too much to live with.

We’re confident that you can reclaim them all and return them to their former glory by working with Aussie. Not only that, but you might also be able to convert them or repurpose them for better reasons. Regardless of your choice, we’re helping you take back control and keep things in running order. And all at affordable prices without a stringent contract to worry about.

Most of us no longer keep our cars in the garage, and they occupy the driveway. This is sometimes because of size issues, but it’s also about our bad habits and refusal to correct them. Instead of keeping coils of old cables, it will help if you undertake a regular declutter once a month. Keep the things you still want to keep and put them into storage to free up room. Then you can use it for the original purpose or adapt it into a utility room.

The loft is our next target – repeat, and you should get rid of clutter wherever possible. You can then consider converting this into a new bedroom or games room. There will be some costs, and you should run your ideas past an estate agent to make sure the proposed changes don’t negatively affect your property’s value. But it could add value to your property without you losing a room in the process.

Storage for Landlords and Airbnb Hosts – 

Unless you have an extensive portfolio of properties, it’s unlikely you have a dedicated workspace to use. This will often mean landlords store furniture and appliances in unsuitable places. It’s the same story for tools and materials – and this leads to keeping equipment in the van overnight. Or you have the same problem as other homeowners – you’ll run out of room in the garage or loft.

That’s where self storage becomes useful for anyone who runs a short-term rental business. You can store things like spare parts, tools, furniture, and appliances somewhere secure and easily accessible. Plus, it’s possible to use a storage unit for any business purpose, including your paperwork and other admin tasks. It’s far cheaper than commercial rental costs as well.

Airbnb hosts will have similar issues and benefits from using self storage. Many like to swap furniture completely if their property is also a second holiday home. You don’t even need a van – Aussie can refer you to a trustworthy man & van provider. Then you can enjoy some downtime and then exchange everything in time for your next guests.

High-Quality Household and Business Storage – 

You should balance two things when looking for and booking a storage provider. Affordability is essential, and we all like to receive good value for money or a bargain. However, it’s just as important to obtain a high standard of service, rather than treating this like a supermarket’s discount section. This means you’ll have to do your homework because finding the best storage company will protect your possessions.

Luckily, you can find a surprising amount of information online without being that savvy with research. Check out their Google and Trustpilot scores before you book with a storage company. Both platforms allow consumers to see what previous customers rate the service they received. Additionally, you can read testimonials and reviews to gain more specific insight.

Aussie has many five-star ratings, and we do everything possible to match your needs exactly. This all stems from our Quality Policy and checks to maintain and improve our service delivery. Then we apply the type of customer service we would want to receive. When you weigh up the two factors, you’ll find we tick all the boxes for storage in Dorset.

Aussie Storage Gillingham – Dorset’s Number One Self Storage Company –

At Aussie, customer service is our number one priority. We always go the extra mile for our customers. And due to the number of people and businesses that use us from outside our postcode, the feeling is evidently mutual. It’s also vital that we offer affordable rates so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of self storage in Dorset.

Our storage packages set us apart from other companies in our industry. We take the time to listen to our customers and build close relationships. This helps us match their storage needs with the right package, and we can also create new services if any unique needs arise from their feedback.

Aussie has the right size storage unit and packages to help you save money and create more space. No matter your storage needs, we have the right package for you.

Click here, and we’ll begin our assessment to see your storage needs. We’ll create a free quote with our suggestion for the most cost-effective and efficient storage service for your requirements.