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Getting the Most from a Storage Unit by Organising the Layout

Posted on 18th February 2024 by The Aussie Team

If you’re gearing up for a storage stint, the puzzle of packing and organising might leave you scratching your head. How do you cram it all in without creating a tangled mess? Well, fret not! In this no-nonsense guide, we’re here to untangle the mystery and give you essential tips for a seamless storage unit setup.

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How has the UK’s relationship with storage changed over the years?

Posted on 22nd September 2022 by The Aussie Team
Beyond the Basics: 5 Innovative Ways Dorset Residents Use Storage

Since the 1970’s when storage was essentially inside a garage or a shed, the birth of the storage industry began its steady climb into stable success. Pioneered in the USA the concept of storage containers and units was seeded in UK soil in the 1970s and began to boom in the 1980s. With roughly 2,000 storage facilities in the UK, this number is set to increase as companies focus on expanding in response to demand.   In Europe, the UK comprises 43% of the storage market and has the most storage per person in Europe.  Rivalled only by our US cousins, the accumulations of the UK Baby Boomers answer for much of our 50.5 million square feet of storage space.  Around the Millennium, the increase of twinned removals and storage services made it commonplace for people to utilize low-cost storage when making a location move.  82% occupancy of storage units in the UK marks a record high in usage, as recent reports find. 

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