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With more and more of us seeking self-storage, the need to find it at reasonable rates is as pressing as ever. Whether you’re moving house and looking for a short-term place to keep belongings, or freeing up space in your home, you’re likely to encounter extremely expensive self-storage rates of up to £30 a week plus VAT for 35 square feet of storage. Rates near you may be even worse. That’s where AusBox comes in. For just £18 a week (plus VAT), you get 35 square feet. It’s exceptional value and represents a breakthrough in the storage market.

There’s been a widespread belief for many years that self-storage is cheap. But when people actually look into it, they get a rude awakening. What look like amazing rates turn out to be for units barely the size of old telephone boxes. When you’re hit with the actual bottom line, it tells a completely different story. Alternatively, you might find what looks like a great deal, but it’s time-limited and after a month or two, you’re moved up to the full rate – a dramatic leap in cost compared to the seductive introductory rate.

We’ve been asked: just how is it that we’re able to offer generous-sized units at much better rates than the competition. The answer is through innovation: AusBoxes can be stacked in such a way that almost every inch of our storage facility is utilised. And because we’re able to make the most of our warehouse space, it’s a saving we can readily pass on to you, our client. On top of that, we don’t have expensive fit-out costs.

You can access your AusBox (or AuxBoxes) four times per calendar month without charge. Extra visits are charged at £45. For all visits, whether the included ones or extra, just give us 24 hours’ notice. AuxBoxes can be visited between Monday and Friday, from 8am to 4pm. If you’re intending to make a weekend visit to your AusBox, please let us know during our business hours between Monday and Friday. AusBoxes are kept at our site in Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 4PZ.