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Affordable Business Storage for E-Commerce Start-Ups

Posted on 8th June 2021 by The Aussie Team
Affordable Business Storage for E-Commerce Start-Ups

Some sectors lend themselves well to start-up businesses because of things like entry-level opportunities for new traders. The most popular ones include tech and e-commerce, which see thousands of new enterprises every year. We’ll be looking at the latter to know how you can create an e-commerce start-up on a relatively lean budget. And we’ll give examples of how this works with storage to keep your running costs low.

Aussie Storage works with several e-commerce traders as regular clients, and it’s easy to see why this is a mutually beneficial strategy. Our services align with this industry and its requirements, which is most evident with drive-up storage units and the ease of access for collections and deliveries. You’ll see how this provides an affordable option for anyone who needs something with a proven track record as a start-up venture.

Budget-Friendly Solutions for E-Commerce Traders –

Starting a new enterprise takes a lot of dedication, but the benefits will likely outweigh any initial bumps in the road. One of the key things to remember is your role and the knowledge you’re working towards something that’s yours. There’s no more answering to others – you’re the boss. While this is a personal journey, you’ll need to work with subcontractors and local suppliers.

That’s where selective associations come into play, and you’ll need to partner with third parties to help realise your dream. The main thing to remember is to find ones that add value to your business and have a similar outlook to your own. This is where plenty of research and a solid business plan become an essential component of progress.

Understanding and maintaining a budget is a high priority for any e-commerce start-up. There are plenty of ways to lower costs, and we believe it’s something you can do from day one. There’s no need to cut costs if you begin with a lean budget and keep this part of your ongoing policy. When it’s time to grow, you’ll be ready to do so gradually.

Start with a Costed Business Plan –

We can’t stress this enough – don’t cut corners when the fact-finding and preparation phase of your new venture. The planning stages of a new business are vital and could determine the likelihood of success. They might steer you on the correct course. Alternatively, you’ll falter and fall into bad habits which are hard to correct later.

Your business plan is where you lay the foundations. They need to be solid, which involves a thorough costing exercise. This consists of shopping around for quotes and playing around with a possible operational blueprint. Then comes things like expenditure, profit projections, identifying risks and proposing contingency measures. A plan of action will take shape, making everything more tangible.

This all comes with plenty of information gathering and networking with Dorset’s business community. By the end, everything will feel like second nature, and you can iron out any problems before trading begins. You can add specific parts for things like saving and what budget you’ll need. That’s why many start-ups save up for twelve months or more to have available capital to invest.

Money-Saving Tips for New Ventures –

We’ll look at this as ways of saving money as a preventative measure. Don’t bog yourself down with weighty overheads that later come back and bite you if there’s a slow month or two of trading. That company car or van might seem necessary but not straight away. You can always revisit this once you’re established. For now, quote some man & van providers or courier companies for local distribution.

You can save money by having an affordable office or workspace. We’ll have more on this next section, where we’ll give you a smart tip. With the rise of remote working, you might even start things off from your house or flat. There are pros and cons, but we’re looking at this within the context of making prudent financial decisions from the offset.

If you’re saving for a few months to raise some initial capital, you can also see where you can upskill and keep some duties in-house. Virtually every modern business has an online presence, so you could take on social media and accounts for the first year. It’s a hard slog, but it’s all about capping expenditure. When it’s time, you’ll be able to outsource by having a healthy balance sheet.

Using Storage as an Alternative Office –

This is a suggestion you can bank on, quite literally, when considering a lean business model. Commercial rental is one of the significant expenses for new businesses. It often prices people out of starting a company because the upfront costs are too high. There’s a way around this that allows someone to start a business without going this route.

Self storage might seem like a static service, but it’s very flexible and lends itself to some surprising functions. You can use a storage unit for your base of operations. The cost of self storage is much lower per square metre than most rental properties. And there’s no lease or minimum storage period to worry about when you book with Aussie Storage.

There are two options for e-commerce traders to consider when they plot out their concept and business plan. Firstly, you can rent one unit and split it into two or three sections with something simple like tape. The second possible choice is to rent two or more units and run an extensive e-commerce set-up. You can have stock, an office and house any materials and equipment. All within a budget that doesn’t put too much of a strain on you financially.

The Benefits of Drive-Up Storage Units –

Here’s where e-commerce start-up owners might sit up and pay attention as we’re aiming this directly at their interests. Aussie’s storage units are all drive-up accessible. This is the perfect arrangement for any small business in this sector. That’s because it’s heavily reliant on the movement of goods, emphasising getting them out to the customer timeously.

You need to pack and unload as quickly as possible without any delays or unnecessary obstacles. It’s not an easy feat unless you rent or own a factory where you control arrangement and movement flow. For many e-commerce traders, this isn’t possible because it’s too large in scale and financial requirements. However, you can achieve it with Aussie as an affordable alternative for e-commerce companies of any size.

You’ll be able to move stock in and out without any hassle, and there are no limits on access during business hours. Furthermore, our security is tight as a drum, with 24-7 CCTV coverage and individual locking systems on each unit as standard. We provide the ultimate level of protection to safeguard your goods and tools at rates everyone can afford.

Partner with a Reputable Storage Provider –

Things can sometimes seem confusing when you start without knowing much about running an online business. How do you find potential companies that offer reliable services? It can be tricky if you have a supply chain element for your company. Luckily, reputation is where you’ll find what you’re looking for, and there are ways of gauging this before you work with a service provider.

You can research most businesses online these days with an additional advantage. Google Reviews and Trustpilot give insight into a company’s reputation and the potential quality of service. Both platforms have a function where past customers can rate a company out of five and submit a written review. There are no prizes for guessing that Aussie is a five-star storage provider.

Working with us gives you reassurance and confidence you’ll receive a high standard of service. We strive to provide excellent customer service for every storage job we sign up for. And it’s all at affordable rates as we continue to encourage an inclusive range of services. This is ideal for any new e-commerce start-up where every penny and pound matters.

Aussie Storage Gillingham – The Can-Do Storage Company in Dorset –

At Aussie, our mantra is to approach things from a proactive position and a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. We’re problem solvers and create services that serve a purpose. You’ll have no problem starting an e-commerce enterprise on a budget. We’ll also pass on any useful information to move you in the right direction for other things new businesses need to consider.

Aussie Storage has everything a start-up needs to begin life and flourish into a sustainable enterprise. By foregoing things like rental space and other expenses, you’ll be in a solid position to invest in services that drive growth. If you make savings before you begin trading, the first year will be much easier to navigate. From there, you can start to rethink your financial structure to make investments to continue your journey.

For a free quotation for our Business Storage package, click here to contact us today. We’ll perform a thorough assessment and suggest the most suitable way for your e-commerce start-up.