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Aussie Self Storage Dorset, Somerset & Wiltshire

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✓ A variety of different sized units
✓ Drive right up to your ground floor unit.
✓ All units fully insulated preventing any condensation.

For flexible storage that takes into account your exact needs, Aussie is the way to go. Our range of storage services can be tweaked and shaped to form an exact fit with your requirements. However specific your needs, we’ll find a match for them so that you’re not paying for something you don’t use. Aussie is now open in Gillingham (just by the Railway Station), helping customers throughout Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset. Our self-storage facilities are safe, clean and utterly secure and you can drive right up to your unit(s) and stock it exactly as you wish.

For either domestic or business needs, Aussie storage comes through for you in every regard, not least financially; our prices are below the typical market rates, but our standards are not. Little wonder that we’ve become London’s best loved storage provider. Part of that is down to the quality of service we provide and part of it is down to the way we treat our customers. It’s easy to get through to us by email or phone, so you never feel abandoned or stranded with unanswered queries. As a result, our Trustpilot and Google ratings and reviews are uniformly excellent. Tens of thousands of people use us every year for everything from removals to cleaning to storage and now the famed Aussie ‘can do’ attitude is right on your doorstep in Gillingham. We’re well known for quick problem-solving and for doing what we do with a good attitude. Where other providers shrug their shoulders and put you on hold, we’re here to help and that’s why we’ve always stood out from the crowd.

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Our two storage options are designed with you in mind:-

Aussie Self Storage – ideal if you need quick, frequent access to your goods. Businesses looking to handle and administer stock often find self-storage the best option, but private individuals also tell us they love it. With Aussie Self Storage you can come in whenever you need to, have some free coffee and WIFI in the reception area and move things in and out of your unit with ease.

Aussie Container Storage – this is a good choice if you’re storing things you won’t need to return to for a while. From valuables to family heirlooms to antique furniture (our first-rate security systems will allay any worries you have), Aussie Container Storage gives you space and time to work out what you want to do with excess belongings.


Who doesn’t need storage from time to time? The fact is that we can all benefit from the transformative effect it can have on our day to day lives, freeing up room and letting us breathe. Domestic customers often find that it’s like getting a whole room added back to their homes, whether that be a loft, spare bedroom or garage.

Our corporate clients are able to declutter their offices, reclaiming space that was monopolised by chunky filing cabinets and archives. Aussie Storage lets them streamline their workplaces, so that efficiency goes up and employee anxiety goes down. A formerly depressing, overstuffed room becomes a hive of refreshed creativity and inspired thinking.

Aussie Storage enables businesses throughout Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset do away with the need to rent any commercial space at all, since our units can double up as workspaces. What’s more, they are workspaces that come without the need for leases and other costly commitments.

Every Aussie team member is a courteous, BAR-certified (British Association of Removers and Self-Storage Association of Storers SSAS)) professional, with appropriate experience in an array of trades, including plumbing, electrics and carpentry. Aussie personnel will always go the extra mile for you, making sure you’re getting exactly what you want out of your storage.