Get Your New London Home COVID Cleaned Before Moving In

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Moving to a new home could be the start of some exciting times, but there’s plenty to get done before you get carried away. With enough planning and preparation, you can actually enjoy a move house. However, there is one thing many people forget about when moving, and new property might not be clean before you arrive.

This is especially poignant due to the Covid-19 pandemic, where everything requires a higher standard of cleanliness for safety reasons. Fortunately, Aussie Clean has the right equipment and cleaning products to make your new house or apartment completely free from Covid-19, other coronaviruses and bacteria.

Comprehensive COVID Disinfecting Cleaning Service –

Aussie Clean has been operational throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, performing rigorous deep cleaning for domestic and business customers. For us, it’s an essential part of specific relocations that require every surface to be clear from any traces of virus or germs. And it’s for this reason why we’re recommending our Covid-19 Cleaning package. A lot of people are requesting this higher standard of cleanliness before they move into their new home.

At Aussie, we’re firm believers of vetting the information we receive before we distribute it to our customers and followers. It’s vital that we base our specialist cleaning services on facts and up-to-date guidance. And our cleaning products are state-of-the-art when it comes to disinfecting and removing all contaminants.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the Covid-19 clean involves:

  • Deep clean of the kitchen – (doesn’t include appliances)
  • Outside of the kitchen cupboards
  • Descaling throughout (taps, shower, etc.).
  • Deep clean of the bathroom
  • High- and low-level dusting
  • All woodwork
  • Clean hard floors
  • Disinfecting high-touch surface areas: – high-touch surfaces (e.g. tables, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, door handles, doors, handrails, lifts, etc.)

By giving your new house or apartment a professional clean, you’ll be able to move in without any lingering fears. We guarantee that you’ll have a spotless place where you can start unpacking and getting on with the exciting tasks of arranging your new home.

Full House Cleaning Packages, Including Carpet Cleaning –

There are lots of reasons why people book our professional cleaning services. People in London tend to have busy lives, and it’s nearly impossible to take an entire day to undertake a thorough house clean. It has nothing to do with being lazy – anyone who’s working long hours in a high-pressure job needs to have some downtime that doesn’t involve a bucket and some bleach.

Aussie Clean works with hundreds of household customers to give their homes a professional level of service. Whether it’s one room or an entire house, we’re happy to take on any cleaning job. We’re available 24/7, and we have lots of team members, making it possible to accept last-minute bookings. We do full kitchen cleans, getting to those tricky places like behind the cooker or under the fridge. Our specialised carpet cleaning service will remove any stubborn stains while protecting your carpets.

Aussie always delivers on time and to the highest standard, meaning we’ll work around your schedule to get the job done. The Aussie Clean team have modern cleaning equipment to take on any carpet cleaning job. The protection of the carpet is paramount, and the cleaning products we use are designed to safeguard all materials.

Buying new carpets can be expensive. Aussie Clean can bring them back to life to save you from shelling out for new ones. And we guarantee to remove any stains that other companies can’t. Aussie Clean is London’s number one company for all carpet cleaning needs. If you need us to do an emergency carpet clean on a Sunday, it’s not a problem. We’ll do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

Professional Cleaning for Households and Businesses –

Aussie Clean is the professional cleaning service that gets the job done. Our ethos is to apply a ‘can-do’ attitude to everything we do. There is no cleaning booking we can’t take on, and we do everything on time and to perfection. We’re a one-stop company, and we have a range of cleaning services for you to choose from, as well as our removals and storage packages.

When you book with Aussie Clean, you’ll have the knowledge that our team are all time-served cleaning specialists. They only use state of the art equipment and cleaning products. We have a comparatively big team here which gives us the advantage when it comes to availability. You can request our services 24/7, and we plan each job in detail to ensure you receive the best results for your needs.

Aussie Clean has a range of industrial equipment and cleaning products to take on any commercial cleaning job. We work with hundreds of businesses every week and perform commercial cleaning jobs that cover various business sectors. Entire building sites, one office, a thorough office block clean including windows, large and small retail stores and supermarkets – we do it all, and we deliver to strict deadlines.

We work out what your needs are and then allocate the correct cleaning service you require. We’re fully transparent, and the quote you’re given is what you pay. You tell us what you need and when you need it by. We work out the team size required, and we agree a day to start and complete the job by.

Securing Your Full Deposit with an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service –

With the average London deposit clocking in anywhere between two or three months’ rent upfront, you’ll need to ensure you get it back when you leave. That’s why we suggest using Aussie’s End of Tenancy cleaning service before you move in and at the end of your lease. We have the right package to set you on course to claim the full amount back.

Your landlord will charge you for a professional clean after you hand the keys back. It’s an obligation to have the place spotless before the next tenants move in. When you book with Aussie Clean, you can take the initiative and control of the rental deposit process. By stating you’re using a professional cleaning company, it puts you at an advantage and sets the tone of what follows.

During your tenancy, you’ll no doubt cause some little issues from wear and tear. And most people accidentally smash a plate or mark a wall here and there. You’ll need to fix them before you leave, or it might cause problems with deductions. However, please remember to limit these things to simple tasks to ensure that you’re not doing your landlord’s work for them.

For more significant problems, such as any damage you cause, there’s Aussie’s Handyman service available. We have years of experience when it comes to fixing things and general property maintenance. Our Handyman team have all the right tools and materials to correct any problem and will move you closer to getting your full deposit back.

Emergency Cleaning Call-Outs Available in London –

The one thing that we know from years of providing removals and cleaning services is that no two jobs are the same. In certain situations, it’s necessary to book a relocation or cleaning service straight away. Luckily, Aussie Clean can deploy a team within 24 hours or less for emergencies. Although the timeframe is less, we still provide the same high standards we always abide by.

As we like to think of it, we might be pressed for time but not for results. There are no cutting corners with us, and we take everything with the same level of professionality. We know all the right techniques for getting the best results, fast. Our team will start on time and complete within agree deadlines set by our customer.

Larger jobs do require some further notice, but we’ll always try and accommodate you, especially if you’re in desperate need of assistance. We might suggest more than one crew for significant jobs to help expedite the situation. Whatever it takes, we promise to do everything in our power to meet your requirements.

Choose a Company that Prioritises Customer Service –

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals company that will take on any relocation, storage or cleaning job, delivering the best possible service. And due to our high standards and attention to detail, we are fortunate to have a loyal group of customers. Furthermore, we receive hundreds of new customers via referrals from happy clients who recommend us to their family, friends and colleagues.

Customer service is of paramount importance to the Aussie team. We work hard to create and deliver the best packages in London. In addition to the tried and tested removals services, we have specialist packages that you won’t find anywhere else. For us, more options equal a better standard of service. And in the case of professional cleaning services, it was something our clients made inquiries about to the point where we needed to add it to our range of services.

We have a Quality Policy in place that covers our responsibilities for every service we offer. The Aussie team adheres to excellence on every job we sign up for. And you’ll notice this from the first time you contact us, whether by phone, email or over a Facetime consultation. Customer service is the foundation of everything, and we want to deliver a service we would want to receive.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s Best Professional Cleaning Company –

There’s nothing like walking into a clean home, especially if you’re the property’s new owner. It’s a lot like remembering to tidy the house before going on holiday, to return to a nice clean place. A sigh of relief and everything feels like you made the right decision. It’s putting your best foot forward to get a professional cleaning company to give your new place a deep clean before you open the door for the first time.

Aussie’s removals and cleaning services are the very best you’ll find in London and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, we get bookings for our range of services from counties outside of Greater London. This is down to previous customers returning to use us for future services. Additionally, we’re fortunate to receive a lot of referrals from happy customers.

Being proactive when it comes to ensuring everything is clean does put you in a favourable position. Firstly, every trace of the former owner or tenant is gone, which makes the transition more real that it’s your place. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about any unseen contaminants. Aussie Clean will ensure your new house or apartment is 100% free from all harmful bacteria, germs and viruses.

If you would like to discuss our Covid-19 cleaning services, please contact us today. We guarantee your new home will be thoroughly clean and ready for your arrival.