A Guide to Furniture Recycling and Repurposing in London

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Urban chic always celebrates the new and old, and the creativity that can rebirth old back into new again.  The metropolis is the generator of all new styles and designs and forges new life from old materials.   It’s the fermentation of diversity, creativity, and necessity.  In a world inundated with stuff that is destined for landfills, repurposing furniture is a practical option, as well as often being a register of style.   While Ikea has the dominion over many things furniture, it doesn’t express the range of style and character that can only be found through a more dedicated search or through the quest for a genuine bargain.  As removal specialists, at Aussie, we support the innovative growth of the recycling networks in London, so that less furniture is wasted, and more use can be made from it. 

Networks for recycling furniture

Each London borough has its own recycling centre and system.  It is easy to look up and locate your local Civic Amenity centre where you can find out what you can recycle and where.  Some CA centre’s may have a bay where you can leave good quality furniture for others to pick up.  If you don’t have transport and you want to move some furniture that has some value, you can always sell it on Gumtree or Ebay.  If the buyer collects, then your problem is solved.  If you want to give something away, you can always use Freecycle or Freegle.  For a general guide to recycling in London here is an easy guide to the A- Z of furniture recycling. 


  Another useful site that also has an online shop for repurposing is LoveJunk; a forum for all things junk.  LoveJunk boasts a 98% landfill diversion rate, so they have the means for you to repurpose many kinds of things quickly and efficiently. You can also find useful information about the disposal of mattresses and other kinds of awkward materials.   If you are on the hunt for something special, you may want to add Preloved to your list of options. Preloved furniture, repurposed furniture, or simply recycled furniture has become part of the current vernacular.  Londoners can take advantage of the opportunities around them to change their mindset, move furniture on within a community, or set themselves up in a new home without debilitating costs. 

Furniture Re-Use Charities that collect

The Salvation Army have been spearheading recycling for decades, with their clothing banks, shops, and furniture stores.  Many local town centres have second-hand furniture stores, but you may be looking for somewhere that will collect.   The British Heart Foundation have an online collection system through which you can donate furniture and other items.  Just type in your postcode and see what options become available.  It is important that you check that any furniture you donate through them has the appropriate fire safety labelling on it, as they will not be able to sell it otherwise.   All these donations go towards the charity they support, so it’s well worth making the donation.   In cases of a house clearance, they can be an invaluable resource.  You will also find in many areas that there are independently run second-hand furniture places which specialize in helping people on lower incomes. 

5 options to consider before landfill 

Sometimes it is just a time issue that leads us to dump things into landfill.  We just simply don’t think ahead of time how we will manage our stuff, particularly in the case of a big move, like a change of residence.   However, there are a few simple options to consider and factor into your plans. 

  1. Check out all the furniture reuse options in London 
  2. Offer it to friends and family 
  3. Furniture re-use charities in London that will collect
  4. Freecycle, Freegle, Local Facebook groups 
  5. Upcycling 


Upcycling is when something is creatively enhanced to give it a new lease of life. For example, through painting old furniture it can enter the class of “Shabby Chic” or perhaps even a more artistic accolade.  So many ideas now in interior design lean on the revamping of older pieces, which can only be sourced through second hand routes.  Pinterest and Instagram are laden with examples of where DIY fuses with old furniture to create a whole new look.   Even Vogue magazine recommends Ebay as a fundamental resource for locating vintage furniture.  Sourcing furniture from local antique fairs and car boot sales is prime ground for locating excellent pieces for upcycling and enhancing the originality of your interiors. 

Waste reduction mindset 

When we commit things to the bin, they are destined for landfill. Huge medleys of household waste are buried every day leading to contamination of the soil and earth.  The unlikelihood of their decomposition is something we do not even fathom.  If you have ever stared into the gaping jaws of the landfill section at a London Civic Amenity Centre, you get a chance to marvel at home much waste we produce, simply by living and accumulating stuff.  It’s a complex problem, but you can start by minimizing how many new products you consume, and if you can make sure things are passed on to others before they end up in the landfill.  New initiatives are set up in the city to make it easier to encourage people toward repairs and recycling.  A great example is BrightSparks in Finsbury Park, where they repair and fix electrical goods, something that your local Civic Amenity centre cannot help with. It’s becoming easier to buy recycled furniture, white goods, and even mobile telephones.  Every time you decide to take this option, you are diverting the trend to discard into landfill.  Through our choices, we can change our habits and mindsets, and make it easier for the generations which come after us.

Aussie – Our commitment to recycling 

At Aussie, we are aware of the processes around moving houses, and removals, and know that often people are rushed into quick decisions that may not have the best long-term effect.  For this reason, we always encourage a policy of furniture recycling and advise our customers on this basis.  We are keen to help you find the nearest recycling centre, or the best local means for you to pass furniture on, saving you money and reducing waste.  In fact, we will encourage you to recycle the packaging involved in the move and we will do the same.   Once you start to recycle and operate a waste reduction mind set, it is something you will want to keep developing, simply because it feels good! 

Aussie’s  ‘can-do’ attitude means we put our full support behind you and your organisation’s move, and this includes the finer details like repurposing and recycling.  If you are considering a move in London, we can guarantee a quality of service that can’t be beaten. We are London’s favourite removals and storage providers and have the reviews to prove it.  Recycling and repurposing furniture not only contributes to reducing waste, but also helps to bring people together to share their common goals. It brings the wider community of London together to contribute to reducing waste.  Contact us today to discuss your next relocation in London and for advice on great places to find recycled furniture.