Fun Things To Do In London To Shake Off Post-Holiday Blues

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The post-holiday slump is a feeling that most of us will know at some point or another. While it’s true that, for some, the period stretching from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day is a slog that they’re all too happy to see the back of, for those of us who enjoy the magic, its end plunges us back into the dispiriting and humdrum business of living. The worries that had been put on hold come back to haunt us. The stress of working life gets under way again. The jolly decorations come down as gaiety and jubilation pack their bags and flee, leaving us nursing a terrible case of post-Christmas sorrow. It can feel as if happiness itself is abandoning us once and for all. But we have the good fortune to live in London, where every weeknight and weekend brings with it new possibilities for fun things to do. It’s easy to keep the good feelings going, provided we get out there and do things that generate them. Here are four of our picks:

  • Hackney Flea Market. On Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th, this celebrated slice of Stoke Newington life makes its happy return to Abney Hall, with dozens of traders and goods ranging from jewellery to vintage fashion, vinyl and antiques.
  • Virtually Real at the Royal Academy of Arts. Between January 12th and 14th, a forward-looking exhibition of 3D-printed art comes to the RAA. With art created using virtual reality platforms, visitors will be able to stroll through it as it’s created on the spot, right there and then. Booking in advance is advised.
  • Winter Lights, Canary Wharf. Between January 16th and 27th, this annual event comes back to the Docklands, presenting a huge variety of light installations by artists from around the world, including interactive features.
  • Magic Lantern Festival. At Chiswick House and Gardens between January 19th and February 26th, the festival of Chinese lanterns makes its second ever visit. There’ll be theatre, live performance and scores of light installations to enjoy.