Having Fun With Bubble Wrap

Posted on October 20, 2016 by Lauren May
Having Fun With Bubble Wrap

We’ve all felt the feeling – you see a roll or an off-cut of bubble wrap and are gripped by the extraordinary desire to start popping each bubble with your fingers. There’s no feeling like it – first you squeeze a bubble and then ‘Pop!’ – the satisfaction is hard to explain but few of us haven’t experienced it. If there’s one thing you’ll be left with after a move, apart from dozens of empty cardboard boxes, it’s an excess of bubble wrap. Throwing it away seems wanton in its wastefulness, but keeping it all for use again at some unknown date in the future seems overly cautious. You’ll be relieved to know that there’s a third option – keep some of it for use some other day, and then set some aside for having fun with. Maybe get some friends round to make it a communal activity. Putting a film on or playing a board game can seem passé. When you tell your friends that you’ve asked them round to play with bubble wrap, it’ll seem strikingly original.

First, you could put a sheet of bubble wrap on all the seats around your dining table before you sit your guests down. See if it makes the chairs more comfortable and perhaps conduct a straw poll among your guests as to who finds it helpful and who finds it makes no difference to comfort at all.

Once dinner is over, it’s time for the next game. Place sheets of bubble wrap on the floor of your sitting room and get everyone to jump up and down on them. Soon, the room will resound with a sound similar to that of pop-corn that’s ready to be taken off the heat.

For the next game, get everyone to design themselves an outfit using bubble wrap and a staple-gun or masking tape. Perhaps set the clock so that there’s a time limit making matters more urgent. From dungarees to a boiler suit or hot-pants, bubble wrap can be fashioned into a variety of different garments. When everyone’s ready, use the room as a makeshift catwalk down which everyone can parade in their designs.