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Some may bemoan its gentrification and rebranding but few can argue that Clapham, in south-west London, lacks charm. It falls within the Borough of Lambeth which lies adjacent to Southwark and is hugely popular, especially with singles and families who’ve had to leave the areas in which they grew up, including Chelsea and Notting Hill. We’ve been a removals company in Clapham for a considerable number of years, so we’ve had an insider’s view of the changes. It’s safe to say that what started happening to Fulham in the 1970s began to occur here in the 1980s. It was around a decade later that some of the press began referring to Northcote Road – one of Clapham’s most charming shopping thoroughfares – as the ‘King’s Road of South London’. Today, it could be regarded as actually being better because where King’s Road has succumbed to colonisation by the high street chains, Northcote Road still has an air of independent charm, making it less generic by far.

The area’s history is very storied; what is now Clapham High Street was once part of the Roman road known as Stane Street, which travelled from the capital all the way to Chichester. Clapham as we know it today suffered a slump in popularity in the early 1900s – grand old houses were demolished and it became little more than an unremarkable commuter suburb. However, by the 1990s, thanks to its quick transport links to central London, gentrification kicked off in earnest and today it is thought of as an affluent area, sometimes tagged ‘nappy valley’ because of its popularity with upwardly-mobile families and yoga/Pilates mums who love catching up with friends over an artisanal sandwich.

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With a variety of convenient transport links, including three tube stations and an incredibly busy mainline railway – Clapham Junction – Clapham is very much on the London map, and that’s before you even take into account its sprawling common and choice of different shopping streets. If you’re looking for a Clapham removals company, then we can help; we know the place inside out and we’ll be able to get