Five next-level co-working spaces in London

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Hybrid Working: As uncertain times generate new ways of thinking and working, flexibility is proving to be the most durable strategy.  Hybrid working is a flexible working model where employees have more choice over how and where they work.  Employees should be able to alternate between home and the office seamlessly, or wherever it is that they have the best productivity.  Productivity is key to hybrid working, and as each person is different, being able to determine the appropriate environment to work in is now part of the course.  As a result of many factors, the old format office is redundant, and the new office arises from its ashes as a space for collaboration and connection bringing together people in person. 

On-demand workspaces 

Booking a workspace by the day or the hour is perfect for flexibility and adaptability.  As self-employment climbs to overtake the public sector, autonomy and flexibility will drive the market for workspaces.  And working from home doesn’t suit everyone’s needs. So, it is easy to see how these new demands are propelling the development of creative co-working spaces.  Refining the benefits of café culture, members clubs, and serviced offices, co-working spaces are modelling the new agile workspace.  Different interchangeable workspaces can be booked on demand, depending on what is on schedule.   In a city like London, work cannot be defined in any one category, and so co-working spaces display different benefits for a variety of sectors. 

Design is key for new workspaces 

Amy Frearson, author of “The co-living and co-working revolution” emphasizes the point that there is an important design element to a successful co-working space

“Visibility and acoustics become super-critical when you’re dealing with shared spaces. You want visibility, glazing, between spaces so you can see other people and feel a part of something bigger, but also have acoustic protection, so activities can happen concurrently”

Alongside design ideas, which incorporate biophilia, in laymans terms – lots of plants and access to outdoor zones.  

Let’s look at five of London’s emerging co-working spaces to see how they manage to align productivity, community, and innovation all under one roof. 

Five next-level co-working spaces in London 

1-Tobacco Docks Workspaces – Tobacco Quay East London 

 Taking the theme of the nearby Tobacco Dock event facility, Tobacco Docks workspaces leans on an events-themed axis, while being couched in a beautiful grade I listed building.  With an exceptional rooftop bar, Skylight, there is space for entertaining clients and downtime with the team, as well as the inspirational urban vista of the city skyline.  High-spec meeting rooms with cutting-edge screens guarantee creative collaborations when getting together.  Plus, South Dock Meeting Room Suite offers a central lounge for breaking out, catching up, and one to ones.   Offering opportunities for businesses to base parts of their activities in their beautiful workspaces, employees can benefit from their ergonomic seating and discounted rates at their food and drinks venues. 

2-We Work – Southbank 

With the London flagship space of global company We work at Sea Containers House on the Southbank, you can feel at home on the banks of the Thames.  Amenities include a wellness room, barista, and event space.  Additionally, showers, bicycle storage, and a pet-friendly policy make it fully accessible for all kinds of folk.  Flanked by the art and culture of South Bank and Southwark the location is steeped in inspiration. Meanwhile, the open-air terrace and garden guarantee a relaxed vibe in the heart of the creative city.  Suitable for businesses and individuals alike with their range of facilities, and day passes. 

3-Huckletree – Shoreditch 

Huckletree has venues across the country, but their East London workspace is in the iconic Alphabeta building on Finsbury Square.  Their design layout includes light-filled studios, internal courtyards, and a variety of custom-designed agile workspaces.  Their classrooms, auditorium, phone booths, library, and curiosity couches deliver a hipster twist to agile functionality. Additionally, a deep commitment to innovation and entrepreneurial vision runs through their courses and academy, which are all part of their growth ecosystem.  Day passes are available, and it’s a great networking space for tech companies looking for collaboration and innovation in one space. 

4-The Ministry- Southwark

Looking at the Ministry’s website, it offers something quite different to the other co-working spaces.  Home to media and music industry workers, and the brainchild of the Ministry of Sound, that comes as no surprise.  State-of-the-art gym space, drag queens, and eclectic pastries seem to be top of the agenda.  However, further investigation reveals an on-site recording studio and a tequila bar in the Ladies.  Desks, office space, and a thoroughly dog-friendly policy make it a haven for networking, and “notworking” in their bar, terrace and events space.  Close to Borough Market and Waterloo, it’s bang in the creative hub of the Southside of the Thames. 

5-Uncommon- Highbury and Islington 

Spreading across the city, as well as the world, Uncommon offers a format for flexible desk space, as well as offices, meeting spaces and focus zones.  Depending on the location, you may also find a gym and wellness room.  In their original London location in Highbury, North Londoners can avail themselves of their tranquil and relaxed interior spaces replete with many plants.  With day and weekend passes, they offer a flexible or more dedicated membership.  Showers and bike storage make access simple, and furry friends can come along too. In their own words, it is perfect for creative businesses, start-ups, and freelancers.

The future of offices in London 

Whether they are independent co-working spaces, or part of branded chains, the developmental trend in curating innovative meeting and working spaces is well underway.  As we can see, design and architecture play a role in the character of the space, which adds to its success.  Building new glass office spaces seems outmoded when older spaces can be converted, in keeping with sustainability goals.  Converting existing spaces into innovative new places to meet and work, is the trend of the co-working space and it seems to be redefining the way people will meet and work in the future.  As these spaces appeal to people with their amenities and additional features, what a working day involves, is becoming radically altered from the era of work which hinged on only the office and the pub.  

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