Film Production Companies – Aussie Man and Van is Ideal for Emergency Situations

London has always been a city that lives and breathes film, theatre, the arts and all other forms of creativity.Culture is at the very heart of London, and we have some of the finest museums, art galleries, theatres and cinemas in the world. People often travel to London with the sole intention of taking in a show at the West End or visiting the Tate Modern gallery.

Without a doubt, Londoners are consumers of art in all mediums. However, the creative works don’t just appear out of thin air. An incredible amount of work goes into some like a completed film. And for every film production company in London, that also means setting and meeting strict deadlines. Time is the most valuable commodity in the film industry.

Man & Van Service is a Valuable Resource in London –

Anyone who works in the film industry will vouch for the amount of preparation work that goes into a production. Every day on set is planned months in advance, even down to each scene that is being shot. However, even the best planning doesn’t always account for any problems that might leave you without a working vehicle.

That’s why it’s essential to have some contingency measures and contacts in place, just in case things go south. Aussie’sMan & Van service should be at the top of your ‘go-to’ list for emergencies. We work with hundreds of people in the creative sector every year. Our vans have been on set to help with transporting equipment and various other ad hoc tasks.

Every man and van job we book comes with two highly skilled Aussie team members who are there to help. That’s two extra sets of hands for labour-intensive tasks, and our team have previous experience in various trades. Aussie Man & Vancharges by the hour, which is crucial for maintaining your budget. You only pay for the time you use our service.

Aussie operates all over London, and we have five branches spread out across the capital. That means we can receive your call and be there *asap. And if you need to safeguard your equipment overnight or for the duration of your shoot, we have storage availableat every branch.

Why Aussie Man & Van Stands Out from the Crowd –

Like most business sectors in London, competition is given; and the removals industry is no different. With lots of companies to choose from it’s not always easy to work out what’s best for your company. Luckily, Aussie stands out from the crowd by offering excellent customer service           at affordable prices. We don’t cut corners, and there’s no removals job we can do.

Aussie works with business and domestic customers, and we approach every job with fresh eyes. Although we have lots of previous experience, we don’t make snap decisions. We carefully assess your full requirements to ensure we match them with the correct service. Everything is done on an individual basis, which helps us tailor your removals service to your needs.

Aussie Cleanis our very own professional cleaning company, and we cater to every commercial and business sector. If you need a full clearance after you wrap up shooting on location, no problem. We will have everything spotless. If you need us to prepare your site before principal photography, we are ready and waiting to be onset.

Aussie – We’re London’s Number One Choice for Film Production Companies –

Aussieis one of London’s fastest growing companies. In addition to our five removals and storage branches in London, we now operate in Bath in our brand-new depot. The reason for our success is by making customer service our paramount concern. For us, it’s the foundation on which our company is built.

AussieMan & Van has everything a film production company needs. A working vehicle, lots of removals tools and equipment, and two knowledgeable team members to assist. We understand the need to meet deadlines, so we turn up early to make sure we can complete on time. And because we charge by the hour – you won’t pay for any time you don’t use.

At Aussie, we believe that removals and storage should be affordable and attain a high standard of customer service. You shouldn’t have to choose one or the other. Aussie’s customers enjoy the best of both and frequently return to use us for future moves or other services. You can read their ratings and review here.

If your film production company is organising your upcoming shoot, contact ustoday. We guarantee to have a service to suit your production’s needs.