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175 cubic feet of storage for £10.95 a week!

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In these strange and confusing circumstances, with many of us living almost exclusively indoors and at home, the AusBox could help you free up as much as a whole room in your property in no more than 24 hours. And even better, you don’t have to travel anywhere or jeopardise your health. Aussie’s AusBox was a revolutionary moment in storage when it first arrived, giving people up to 250CBft of space (or 135 CBft if you choose its younger brother, the AusBox Mini) at far better rates than standard self-storage. But the ace up its sleeve is that you don’t have to do anything, apart from preparing all the things you want to be temporarily housed elsewhere. Our trained, courteous, efficient team members come to your home, load up and take it back to our nearest safe, secure storage warehouse.

AusBoxIf you need to get some space back to yourself, free up a cluttered spare room or create a temporary work-from-home office, the AusBox is your answer. And if you take it for six months, we’ll throw in the collection for free. Our scrupulous Aussie personnel will take every precaution to keep you and your household safe, thoroughly sanitising themselves and their hands and keeping at a distance. You can also prepare your storage items outside your front door, so that we don’t even set foot inside. You’ll be getting exceptional value storage and a clutter-free home the easiest way possible, and self-isolation will become that bit easier with a little more breathing space around you.