E-commerce – How Man and van & Storage Can Help Launch Your Start-Up in London

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London has always been at the heart of the UK’s business world, with many successful companies in the capital. No matter what industry you’re looking to start a company in, you’ll find the right partners in London. Due to the city’s economic strength, the domino effect it can have on all businesses is positive. You could be one of the many success stories if you research and play your cards right.

Even though there is much talk of hard times ahead, now is the perfect time to begin your life as a start-up business owner or an entrepreneur. Technology has made it easier for new and small businesses to promote and raise awareness of their brand and products. E-commerce is an excellent sector, and it’s accessible for first-time entrants. You should partner with London’s fastest-growing removals company, Aussie Man & Van.


  1. Man & Van and Start-Ups are the Perfect Combination
  2. Need an Affordable Workspace? Try a Storage Unit
  3. Leveraging Aussie for Local and National Distribution
  4. Accessing Essential Resources for New Businesses in London
  5. Business Tips for New E-commerce Store Owners
  6. Finding a Reputable Removal and Storage Partner in London

Man & Van and Start-Ups are the Perfect Combination

The first year of trading is crucial, and you should start preparing now, especially if you’re still working for an employer. Breaking even is an excellent goal, including paying off loans and your investments. If you can start putting money from your wages into a savings account while you can, you’ll have a decent budget to work with.

For people entering the e-commerce sector, you can avoid purchasing a vehicle using Aussie’s Man & Van service. Our vans are ideal for collections from suppliers and deliveries to customers. Although you will eventually need your own vehicle, it’s an expense you can save up for when it’s financially viable.

Aussie is London’s favourite business removal provider. We go to every length to ensure the safety of your goods when in transit. Our expert staff has a long history of packing items to avoid damage. We have a brand of packing materials above the industry standard for quality. And should you want the same class, we sell our products.

Our man & van are charged by the hour, another cost-saving measure to help you maintain a workable budget. This gives your start-up enterprise time to grow and consider making suitable investments with your cash flow. With expenditure, growth can be fast. That’s why keeping your running costs and investments as low as possible is essential.

Need an Affordable Workspace? Try a Storage Unit

One of the growing trends in London is finding alternative ways of running a business. Many entrepreneurs have taken up the task and brought innovations to the business world. With things like co-sharing, workspace labs, and office sharing, start-ups and new SMEs can have affordable and flexible workspaces.

One such innovative trend is happening at Aussie’s storage facilities. Using a storage unit as a dedicated workspace is a surefire way of lowering monthly rental overheads. You only need a secure storage space for your products and a workplace. It might lack the glamour of an office in Soho or Mayfair, but it’ll keep you within your financial lane.

Your alternative storage workspace is very simple to create. Add a desk, a couple of chairs, an internet router, a filing cabinet or two, and a kettle, and you will have an office. Then, you split the unit into two or three sections. In that case, you can keep your stock in one, the office in another and space for any equipment and packing materials.

Now that your alternative storage workspace is available, Aussie Man & Van can deliver and collect goods directly. Aussie has onsite amenities that will complete the final touches to your start-up’s base of operations. We also offer archive document storage, making this an affordable business solution.

Leveraging Aussie for Local and National Distribution

In e-commerce logistics, Aussie emerges as a beacon of efficiency, offering a strategic approach to collections and deliveries. With our wealth of experience in removals, we not only meet but exceed the packing standards upheld by conventional courier services. But what truly sets us apart is our seamless integration of local and national distribution capabilities, seamlessly intertwining storage solutions for streamlined stock control and warehousing needs.

Transferring your logistical burdens to Aussie signifies relying on a partner deeply devoted to dissecting the complexities of your business operations. No longer are we confined to the constraints of one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we collaborate with our clients, tailoring each package to suit their unique business needs. It transcends mere delivery and provides a service finely attuned to your specific requirements.

At Aussie, our track record speaks volumes; we’ve earned the trust of businesses not just in London but across geographical boundaries. Partnering with us means unlocking a world of possibilities where logistics cease to be a burden and transform into a strategic advantage. Welcome to a future where your business soars, fuelled by the power of seamless distribution.

Accessing Essential Resources for New Businesses in London

The business world can be tricky to navigate if you’re planning or only recently started an e-commerce enterprise. At Aussie, we like to cover all angles to ensure that new founders and sole proprietors have access to important information.

Chamber of Commerce

The first port of call is the Chamber of Commerce – most towns and cities have a COC and a wealth of resources and events to check out. You can then see if there are any related networking or business hub gatherings in your area or nearby.

Council Resources

Similarly, we suggest looking at your council’s website – different areas will fall under the jurisdiction of separate councils. Find out everything a newbie entrepreneur needs to know about setting up and running a business.

Networking Events

Get yourself out there and engage with local networking events and communities. There are ones linked to the COC and most councils, in addition to private organisers who tend to link nationally.

Start-Up Community

Finally, some online research should be done to see what’s happening in the realm of start-ups in London. Immerse yourself in the goings-on via the media, and join Facebook and Discord groups.

Business Tips for New E-commerce Store Owners

The concept of creating and operating a successful business is an evolving reality that often aligns with technological advances. These days, having a functioning website and active social media presence is critically important, much more than ten or twenty years ago.

Luckily, you don’t need to know how to do everything yourself – plenty of freelancers and professionals can do this. But all e-commerce business owners should research and look at ways to implement the following:

  1. Setting Up an Online Store: You’ll need to see what platforms suit your needs most, so check out sites like Ecwid, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Most of the bigger websites offer free trials, and you can also work with a freelancer to assist you.
  2. Professional Website and Social Media: You can recycle the same advance as point A for this. WordPress and Wix are staple websites and come with various builders. Do some research, read related articles, and see what works for you. Most social media platforms are free, but you’ll need some form of content management platform to manage your posts. Hootsuite does this, but it can be pricey.
  3. Develop a Comprehensive Business Plan: E-commerce is the same as traditional businesses, and it’s wise to move forward with a solid business plan in place. Read more about creating and updating your plan here.
  4. Additional Tips for E-commerce: Reading about the e-commerce landscape is essential. There’s no such thing as too much preparation—get into the blogs, join communities, and immerse yourself in the sector.

We won’t go into vast detail here because it’s not our line of expertise. However, we hope this is a valuable jumping point for you to undertake more granular research.

Finding a Reputable Removal and Storage Partner in London

London is an excellent place to find traders and service providers – if anything, that can backfire because there’s so much choice. That’s why it’s worth thoroughly checking any prospective business removal and storage partner – it’s also relatively easy.

Firstly, seek quotes from several moving and storage companies. This will allow you to compare prices and assess their professionalism during communications. We suggest a minimum of three separate quotes.

Secondly, check Google for ratings – another recommendation is 4.5 and above average, which helps if there are over 30 ratings. If possible, read a handful of the reviews from previous customers – a great way to see what sort of service you can expect.

Thirdly, check if there are accreditation and customer care measures – Aussie has the industry-standard BAR (British Association of Removers) affiliation and a robust Quality Policy.

Lastly, see how broad their services are – if they have plenty of add-on packages, it suggests they employ experts. We have some impressive services available that cover core and specialist requirements.

Aussie – We’re London’s Number One for Start-Up Enterprises

Aussie works with hundreds of new business owners yearly, and we know how tricky starting up can be. We believe in helping people realise their dreams of opening and running their own company. The rewards for those who put themselves out there and start their own company or enterprise may take a while to realise, but it’s as much about the journey as the gains.

Aussie has the most affordable rates on the market to help keep costs down. We offer a range of services that comprise our ethos of having everything ‘under one roof’, so you don’t have to use multiple companies. Excellent customer service is our primary goal, and attaining the highest standard of service is why we have loyal customers.

Aussie has five branches spread throughout London, and every facility has a fleet of removal vehicles and storage units. When it comes to e-commerce start-ups, you have the right partner when you work with us.

If you’re starting your e-commerce enterprise or a similar endeavour, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re London’s favourite company for start-ups and new businesses.