E-commerce & Aussie Man & Van

E-commerce is one of the most exciting sectors in modern business. If you’re just starting out as a would-be entrepreneur, then it’s something you should consider. E-commerce is a perfect match for a lean start-up, and it doesn’t always require commercial business premises. At times, the level of investment needed can also be a lot less than a lot of product-based enterprises, due to the potential for a quicker turnaround of sales.

At Aussie, we work with hundreds of entrepreneurs every year, and we’re always happy to pass on any advice we can. Here are some pointers that can help would-be entrepreneurs in London set up an e-commerce enterprise.

Make Your Start-up E-Commerce – 

Being an entrepreneur in a city like London offers a lot of opportunities to tap directly into a variety of ready-made markets. There are several alternative offices and coworking spaces to reduce overheads. You have a range of logistics and transport companies to move your products. It’s easy to find people to help you build a website and other graphic design work. It’s all on your doorstep, and you can shop around to choose the right people to work with.

Unlike a lot of other sectors, e-commerce lends itself to entering the market relatively quickly. You can feasibly start trading while you work another full-time job. And when the time’s right and your sales demand you work more hours, the transition over can be less stressful.

A lot of students and postgraduates work in e-commerce for this reason. They can make money while they study, and if they’re struggling to enter the employment market, it’s possible to make a living with e-commerce.

Alternative Office Spaces – 

One of the current trends in London is coworking spaces. These innovative spaces encourage people to work in a shared space, reducing the need for an office. Coworking spaces encourage networking and are often cheaper than renting a commercial space. However, they don’t suit all sectors and is mainly aimed at freelancers. Their concept is a solid one, and it’s always worth rethinking our relationships with the traditional office setup.

This ethos also works for shared building or office spaces. If you can coop with some like-minded individuals or businesses, you can reduce your monthly overheads. Commercial rental prices in London are not to be underestimated, and they can put a serious strain on your cash flow.

A lot of people are thinking further outside of the box. What is a workspace? Well, often, it’s a room that has access to electricity and the internet. For e-commerce, that room also needs to have a certain amount of storage space, as well as somewhere to quickly load and unload goods from a vehicle. That can be done if you renovate your garage or have a home study. Another option is to rent a self storage unit and use it as an alternative office and workspace.

Aussie – Your Ideal Partner for E-commerce – 

Think of it like this: you need a space to store your products and to do your paperwork. You could rent an office with storage space, but you’d pay London commercial rents every month. If you rent a self storage unit from Aussie, you have somewhere for your products, and you can also use it to do your paperwork. Essentially, this is all you need for a workspace.


Aussie works with hundreds of business customers every month, and we pride ourselves on our range of services. Aussie has excellent storage options which can be your base of operations. Renting a self storage unit is far cheaper than London’s commercial rental prices. You’d also be able to avoid long and binding rental contracts that come with commercial spaces.

Not only would you have an affordable workspace, but you would also have a range of other services to compliment your e-commerce company. Aussie has the best Man & Van service in London, and you’d be able to utilise this service for your deliveries. The link between your products and a means of delivery would be under the same roof. It’s also worth noting that Aussie’s Man & Van charges by the hour, which also helps to reduce your costs.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company that knows it can provide a high level of customer service, as well as offering affordable rates. This makes us the ideal company to partner with for any start-up e-commerce company.

Contact us today, and we’ll gladly discuss our Man & Van and storage options.