Aussie On TV, Cricket Sorrow

England’s unexpected triumph over Australia’s revered cricket team at this year’s Ashes has meant that this hasn’t been the happiest of summers for some of our movers, packers and drivers, who’ve found themselves the victims of more than just a few cricket jokes. England won the series 3-2, after the fifth test at The Oval. Aussie’s Brendan John, who lives and works in London, spoke to ITV sports reporter Will Mott, just before the final test, about what it’s been like to endure the humiliation. The third test was one of the most embarrassing and quick defeats Australia has ever suffered. “After winning the second test, I definitely felt we were gonna win it…but after we were let down in the third, it really brought our spirits down. Now I just can’t wait for the cricket to be over”. The fourth test, at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, proved even more disastrous for Australia because this was when England gained an unassailable lead.

Two of Brendan’s fellow Aussie movers and drivers also spoke to ITV. “You go into a house and they say, ‘How about the cricket?’ and you just shake your head and walk away”. Another is more fortunate: “My parents were born in Britain, so I can choose whether I’m British or Australian. Last summer I was Australian, this summer I’m British”.