How To Cope Without Inbuilt Storage

How To Cope Without Inbuilt Storage

Storage isn’t always the first thing we look for when we’re eyeing up new places to rent. It’s easy to overlook when other things seem so much more important – the rent, the condition and size of the rooms, the decor. Similarly, when we’re buying, it’s not always storage that we think of. If you’ve just moved to a house or flat will little-to-no inbuilt storage, you could find yourself scratching your head, desperately trying to work out where on earth you’re going to put all your things. It’s true that today we have the option of keeping books, music and entertainment digitally and dispensing with physical media, but that doesn’t suit everyone. And there’s no way of doing this with clothes or kitchenware. If you’re all out of space, then Aussie Storage has a variety of appealing options, as efficient as they are affordable . But read on to get some tips for storage solutions that can save the day if you don’t have inbuilt options.

Storage Solutions In The Home

Storage Beds

Not necessarily possible if you’re renting furnished, but a great idea for everyone else. Bedrooms are often the rooms for which storage is most crucial. Alas, as we’ve noticed in our years of moving people, they’re also the rooms in which there’s sometimes the least. A storage bed is the answer. It’s incredibly practical, giving you a considerable chunk of square footage in which to house belongings.


Storage Chests

When you’re no longer in the student phase of life, plastic storage boxes seem jarring and unattractive. A sturdy wooden storage chest has a more adult feel and you can keep the plastic ones inside it and out of sight.


Storage Ottomans

These versatile pieces of furniture can triple-up as extra seats, foot-rests and coffee tables. Open the lid, and hey presto, you’ve got storage space, whether it’s for books, tech, blankets or filing.


Coats Racks and Umbrella Stands

Make sure the space in your hallway is put to good use and simultaneously lessen the pressure on your bedroom’s storage space with either or, ideally, both of these items.