Converting a Room in Your London Home

Converting a Room in Your London Home

Homeowners in London are always looking into ways to do more with the space in their homes to get the most out of them. That’s why many consider converting a garage or loft to add a room to their property. And if you don’t park your car in the garage, it represents an opportunity to increase the size of your house without undertaking a significant renovation.

However, it’s wise to approach any room conversion project with cautious optimism. So, don’t get your tools out just yet. It’s essential that your project doesn’t devalue your home or cause any issues that are difficult to correct. The Aussie team are here to pass on some useful information on this subject. Additionally, we have a range of services that are ideal for room conversion projects.

Can You Convert a Garage in London into a Room?

The answer is yes, but there are some things to consider, and you’ll need to have a robust and thorough plan of action. Before you start getting excited about your project, check the building regulations with the local council. You might need to make an application if you’re adding an extension on your home. And if you live in a listed building, prepare for some headaches or heartbreak.

You’ll need to have your garage assessed for structural issues by a professional. Unless you’re a builder with surveying experience, don’t do this yourself. If planning isn’t an issue, you can start to map out the technical aspects. And we suggest costing everything and factor in a builder to see how affordable it is.

The room will need a complete overhaul – electrics, possibly plumbing if you’re putting in an en-suite or a shower unit. Also, why are you converting? Is it to rent out or for your use? This will determine the amenities and ablution requirements. And then we need to make sure this isn’t going to cause you any unforeseen valuation issues further down the line.

Tips to Guarantee you Increase Your London Home’s Value –

Okay, here’s something we think most people find themselves doing to save money. Don’t skimp on materials or cut corners – quality is vital on this project. You get what you pay for, and if that’s average or inferior materials, it might end up costing you more in repairs later. Budget correctly and don’t rush into the project. It’s better to wait a year and save more, rather than to cobble together a conversion for the sake of impatience.

You’ll also need to match your property’s style to ensure that there isn’t an aesthetic clash. It would look strange if the brickwork is a different colour, just a basic example. If you want to change the style, you’ll need to be consistent and revamp the rest of the house to suit. And for inside the room, positioning is crucial for opening up living space. This can also be achieved by using smart storage choices, such as under the bed containers or cupboards with folding drawers.

Speak to an expert and book an appointment with an estate agent. They’ll be able to value your home on its current merits and evaluate any building proposals. Then they or a mortgage broker can discuss how the conversion will affect the value. Remember – you’re gaining a room but losing a garage. Depending on your location, a garage space might be intrinsic to value.

Aussie Man & Van – Your Go-To Company When Converting a Room in London –

Aussie is London’s favourite removals and storage provider due to the commitment we make to a high standard of service delivery. Furthermore, our range of services is ideal for anyone who’s undertaking a room conversion project. Our Man & Van service comes with two Aussie team members for the strenuous work, and we charge by the hour.

At Aussie, we treat every person we work with on an individual basis. And there is no job too big or small for our team. Aussie employs experts who have decades of removals and other trade experience that enables us to undertake and complete any situation. We can think on our feet and advise any practical solutions to potential issues as they arise.

Room conversions also mean displacing whatever appliances, boxes and other items that are in your garage. And with London homes having space limitations, we suggest renting a self storage unit. Aussie has storage options to suit everyone’s needs at affordable prices.

If you’re planning a room conversion or extension in London, contact us today. We’re confident that we have the right services to help you make your project a success.