Co-Living in London – a Different Way of Living in London

Co-Living in London – a Different Way of Life

For many people, London is an aspirational place where dream careers and the best education is on offer. The lure of London life draws in tens of thousands of people every year from all over the UK and overseas. One huge advantage to all this is that there are lots of different types of ways to find a room to rent. And there are new innovative ways of renting, such as co-living.

If you’re planning on relocating to London, it’s always worth looking into your rental options in advance. That way, you’ll be able to see what you can afford with your budget. After all – you want to experience everything the capital has to offer. Choosing the right accommodation at an affordable price will help you enjoy the entertainment that London has to offer.

What Co-Living in London is all About –

Co-living is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a living space for adults of all ages to cohabit, with areas that everyone shares. Prices and choices of room type range in line with the rental price and co-living location. More often, you’ll get a modest room with an en-suite bathroom. Kitchen areas, dining rooms, TV rooms, workspaces are all communal. And one of the things all co-living complex have in common in a drive to combat loneliness and promote integration and socialisation.

Prices per room range from £ 1, 000 to £ 3, 000 per month, and there are currently three co-living complexes’ in London. The Collective Old Oak is the most affordable and has over five hundred rooms. Roam is more upmarket and has few rooms available but with more perks. Pollen is a small co-living space that offers the cheapest rates but very few rooms.

Each co-living complex provides various platforms for people to socialise and meet new people. A lot of people relocate to London with little to no group of family or friends to spend time with. It can become a lonely way to live if you work or study for long hours. Co-living offers an opportunity to spend time with the people living there while also making enough space for residents to do their own thing.

The basic model of co-living is much like student accommodation but with an emphasis on social well-being and a higher standard of amenities. This doesn’t just appeal to young professionals – people of all ages live in co-living complexes. Although this won’t fit everyone’s needs, it’s a fresh way of combining rental needs with a focus on interaction and a micro-community.

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