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End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning London

Whether you’re a tenant, landlord, managing agent – in fact, anyone involved in either moving in or moving out, then Aussie’s end-of-tenancy cleaning service will make it easier, freeing up your time so that you can get on with something else. Our can-do cleaners always arrive on time and with everything they need to turn murky into magical and soiled into spotless. Landlords come back to us again and again because we get it done thoroughly and efficiently.

Top to bottom cleaning is what we’ll provide, using trained cleaning teams, our own detergents and equipment that gets into every crevice and corner.

Moving in or out is hard enough as it is. Why make it even more punishing by doing the cleaning yourself without the know-how of a professional? Aussie uses a cleaning checklist to ensure that nothing gets left out. Here’s a breakdown:

Sitting rooms/bedrooms

–    Clean light-fittings and switches/sockets

–    Removing cobwebs from ceilings/corners/surfaces/furniture

–    Clean curtain rails/picture-frames/mirrors

–    Clean doors/door-frames

–    Cleaning smudges and marks from door handles and other surfaces

–    Clean and dust outside and inside of wardrobes, plus the tops

–    Shelves, drawers, cupboards and tables all wiped down and cleaned

–    Woodwork/skirting boards/floor edges – all dusted and wiped

–    Windows and window sills – all wiped

–    Clean inside and underneath sofas, removing cushions to access the insides

–    Clean under beds and drawers, moving them when necessary for access


–    Completely cleaned by moving furniture to access entirety of carpet

–    Vacuum-cleaned thoroughly, right to the edges

–    Professional carpet cleaning (shampoo) if required

Hard Floors (wood/laminate)

–    Vacuumed, washed and mopped


–    Cupboards and drawers fully cleaned, inside and out, including handles

–    Descale and clean sink and surrounds

–    Debris/dirt/food/dust all cleared away

–    Rubbish bin wiped and cleaned

–    Tiling cleaned and dried


–    Taps, accessories (e.g. Soap dispenser, toothbrush holder), fittings – all cleaned and descaled

–    Mirrors and glass cleaned and dusted

–    Towel rails and radiators wiped and dried

–    Descaling of shower screen and tiling

–    Shower cubicle cleaned

–    Plug-holes

–    Limescale tackled

–    Visible pipework and plumbing in toilet area fully cleaned

–    Mop/vacuum-clean floors

–    Floors cleaned right to the edges


–    Dishwasher – cleared of debris/grease/deposits, including dispenser drawers

–    Microwave – Cleaned inside and out, including rubber seal

–    Fridge – all grime/debris/deposits cleared away, cleaned inside and out including handles

–    Tumble dryer

–    Toaster

–    Extractor fan all grime/debris/deposits removed

–    Oven and hob – thoroughly cleaned including handles and surfaces

Armed with our checklist, there’s no chance of oversights. We also offer tenants a 72-hour guarantee – in the unlikely event that your landlord or managing agent isn’t happy with the cleaning, we’ll come back and do it again at no charge

You’ll find our cheerful Aussie attitude reassuring and helpful. And unlike other services, we don’t set a time-limit; we’ll stay at the property for as long as it takes to clean it.