Christmas is coming!

It’s the run up to Christmas and phones are ringing off the hook, with over twenty vehicles booked each day, along with more than fifty crew members working on the road. We are unbelievably busy. There have been so many last-minute bookings because everyone is in a desperate hurry to exchange and move in to their new homes before Christmas and New Year.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 17.56.03A few of our surveyors, who have previously worked on the vans and trucks over 15 years ago, had their strength tested this week. We needed some extra help on one of our moves, so we had the fabulous James Robertson (who surveys in and around the Hampstead area) lowering beds and mattresses from a second-floor mews-house to ground floor. Mark Prout, Managing Director, and Tom Staunton, another surveyor, were on the bottom end ensuring all pieces were safely received. We can happily say that they definitely haven’t lost their removal touch and we have yet another happy customer!

Our guys have been working as hard as elves this Christmas. On Wednesday, we had a phone call from a customer who had previously booked and cancelled a survey. They proceeded with a different, very small van and man company. After four days, the move had still not been completed. This meant only one thing – Aussie Man and van to the rescue!

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 17.56.17The mansion property consisted of more than ten bedrooms, a passenger lift, and a car lift to the basement garage. We had a team of 11 men who arrived at 6pm at the West London property. They bent over backwards, working through the night until three in the morning. They arrived back at our warehouse and slept for a few hours before they set off to start Thursday’s 8 a.m. morning jobs. This is what I love about working for Aussie; I get to witness first-hand the dedication of our crew and the enthusiasm they bring to the job.

The team at Aussie Man and Van would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!