Choosing Between A Man And Van Or Full Removals Service

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When there’s a London house-move on the horizon, you’ll be faced by a number of decisions, some of them straightforward, others more challenging. There’s a lot to consider and a lot to do and, if attempted all at once, the tasks can leave you feeling snowed under. Far better to break the move down to its individual components and take them one at a time if possible. Fairly early on is a good time to decide what kind of help you need for getting from A to B along with all your belongings and your sanity. This generally boils down to a choice between a man with a van or a full removals service. Here is some guidance to help you work out which one is the right option for your move.

Man And Van

This service is exactly what the name suggests – one man, one van, no lorries, no teams of people at your disposal. It’s absolutely ideal if your move is small – for example, you’re moving from a one-bedroom London flat or a studio to another property of the same or similar size. You’ll be able to keep your costs down and should find that you also have the option of paying an hourly rate. You may be able to join in with the carrying and loading, which means you can shave even more time off the duration of the move. Some man and van establishments don’t come with additional services, so there may not be the option of having someone else do your packing and unpacking, although with Aussie, you can still avail yourself of all kinds of bolt-on services, including cleaning, the supply of packing materials and storage facilities. 

Full Removals Service

This option generally gives you lorries rather than vans, plus a team of people, including project manager, packers, movers, drivers and more. If you’re moving between multi-storey London houses, it makes much more sense than using a man and van service, which would necessitate multiple trips between your old and new property, instead of just one. You’ll be able to get a full, fixed-price quote in advance so you won’t have to worry about the clock ticking or your move inadvertently taking longer because of bad traffic.