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London Self Storage

One of the perks of living in London is the number of options Londoners have when they need a service. If you want a locksmith, you can choose from any number of local ones. If your roofs leaks, you can shop around to get the best price. If you want to have a rest from cooking, then London has many restaurants on offer.

It’s not the lack of places to choose from that’s the tricky part in London. It’s the sheer number of companies to choose from that makes it confusing. How do you know if you’re getting the best service if you go with a cheaper company for something like storage? Fortunately, Aussie is known as London’s favourite removals and storage company, for price and service.

Get One Month of Storage Free When You Book Two with Aussie –

People who don’t live in London moan about it, people who do accept it as a reality. Everything in London is more expensive, and that includes rent and mortgage payments. You can also add the cost of living in there for good measure. It’s not all doom and gloom – the payoff is that London is one of the most exciting and cultural cities on the planet. You’ll just have to be savvy with your budget to get the most out of it.

And when a reputable company like Aussie promotes a money-saving special offer, it’s worth checking out. If you book two months or more with Aussie for storage, you’ll get the first month free. That’s an incredible deal for anyone who lives in London, where space comes at a high cost.

Aussie is the company where the quality of service and affordability meet to benefit all of London’s residents. The main thing to remember when searching for any service is only to use reputable companies. Try to remember that a lot of companies offer low prices and big promises. If you look at their Google Live or Trustpilot reviews, you’ll soon find out what previous customers think of their level of service.

The industry standard for all removals and storage companies is the BAR code of practice. If you can’t find this term on a company’s website, don’t use them. This is the primary requirement of any legitimate removals company, and it sets a baseline of service. Every sector has a certification board that ensures a basic level of service and compliance. Don’t pay money to any business or sole trader if they don’t try to be compliant with theirs.

How Storage Can Help Create More Space in London –

The vital role that storage can play in any Londoner’s life is to free up lots of room at home. This is especially handy for anyone who lives in an apartment or a small house. For most people, a one or two-bedroom apartment is all the budget allows. Additionally, they often come with a tiny little cupboard near the front door which can barely store an ironing board.

A fifty-square-foot storage unit can hold approximately an entire room’s worth of items. Not that you’ll literally need to do this, but this could make a huge difference in your home. Just think – all the winter clothes can be taken out of your wardrobe freeing up lots of space. Rather than getting rid of the mountain bike, you can store it in your storage unit. There is also the issue of valuable belongings that are expensive or can’t be replaced. With storage, you’ll have the peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure.

We have three storage packages for you to choose from. Aussie’s Container Storage is for long-term storage, but we also have Aussie Self Storage and our innovative AusBox Storage package. Just think of all the possibilities of what you can use the additional space for!

Aussie – London’s Favourite Storage and Removals Company –

Aussie is London’s favourite storage and removals company, and people store their possessions with us for a variety of reasons. We have people who want to park their car in the garage and need to reclaim the space. Some artists want to convert a room at home for a studio. Freelancers who are creating a home office or people who just want a place to do their favourite hobby.

Aussie is London’s ‘can-do’ company, and our customer service is our primary focus. Everything stems from working out what each customer needs and matching it with one or more of our services. We have the best rates on the market, and we won’t be beaten on price or customer service. Our facilities are top of the range with a significant focus on security, all designed to make sure your equipment and goods are safe and secure.

Contact us today, and we’ll discuss how we storage can free up lots of space in your home while saving you loads of money.