Lockdown Removal Services for Businesses in London

Posted on May 10, 2020 by Lauren May

Running a business in London during the recent lockdown presents a number of issues to deal with that many of us weren’t prepared for. COVID-19 is changing the way we work and live, which means there’s also a chance to look at your company’s outgoings and other things that might benefit from improvements. Aussie is no different, and we regularly update our customers on our operations during the lockdown.

In this blog article, we’ll discuss ways companies in London can use Aussie to relocate their business. Additionally, we’ll also provide useful information about our business services and how they can add value to your company.

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Aussie Removals London – Taking the Stress Out of Moving Home

Posted on July 29, 2019 by Lauren May
Man And Van London

If you’re organising a move this year, it’s worth remembering that all relocations have their own obstacles and issues. Rarely does everything run smoothly when moving to a new home, and this will invariably come with some additional stress. A lot of this will occur when you try to balance work and home life around the move, which can feel like an exhausting juggling act.

It’s not all doom and gloom because there are some excellent solutions to reducing the mania of moving. The best option to reduce stress levels is to book with Aussie Man & Van. We have removals and related services to suit every kind of relocation, both for domestic and business purposes. Aussie is known as the ‘can-do’ removal’s provider and providing the best service possible is our main focus.

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Helping Busy People Plan Their Removal in London

Posted on July 18, 2019 by Lauren May
Helping Busy People Plan Their Relocation in London

London is one of the busiest cities in the world, and tens of thousands of people make their home and establish their career here. Whether your interest is in relation to work or a vacation, it’s the city that never seems to pause for breath. And that’s why Londoners who are planning a relocation need a helping hand to ensure it’s a successful move.

Aussie Man & Van works with thousands of people and businesses every week for removals and storage. We understand that careers and family schedules tend to take up a majority of people’s time, making it difficult to arrange and oversee a big move. That’s why the Aussie team are available throughout your relocation, even during the planning stages.

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Providing the Best Removals Between London and Oxford

Posted on July 11, 2019 by Lauren May
Providing the Best Removals Between London and Oxford

In the last decade, many people have made the decision to leave London and relocate to quieter towns and cities to escape the bustle of the capital. Interestingly, one of the lesser-known destinations, which is popular with Londoners, is Oxford. This is not just because Oxford is desirable due to its prestigious university; there’s a lot more to the area that attracts new residents in their thousands. Aussie Man & Van took note of the increasing number of removals from London, and we now have a new branch in Oxford.

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A Guide to What You Can Expect from Our Home Removals Service

Posted on June 3, 2019 by Lauren May
Ideas for Reducing Your Homes Carbon Output in London

When you start to look into the possibility of relocating in London, finding a reliable removals company might seem straightforward enough. Additionally, it does factor in as a task to deal with once you’re further into the relocation process. However, it’s never too early to start planning, and you’ll find that everything runs smoothly when you do more research. You should put together a moving checklist now, which can include things like viewings, contacting estate agents, and also book your relocation with Aussie Man & Van.

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Moving Elderly People’s Homes  in London

Posted on March 18, 2019 by Lauren May
Going Away for an Extended Trip Abroad? – Aussie Man & Van London Can Help

Making the decision to sell up and move to a new home is never an easy decision, as it always takes a lot of planning and effort. This can be especially for elderly people who may not be doing so by choice but rather a necessity. In these circumstances, it’s essential to use a removals company that has experience in these situations. It takes an additional level of compassion and understanding to undertake this type of removals as it’s not just a typical relocation.

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Moving from London to Commuter Town? Are you in need of Removals?

Posted on October 18, 2018 by Lauren May
Interior Designers

If you’re looking to move away from the capital to quieter surroundings, there are hundreds of commuter towns in locations within an hour’s travel away.A growing trend over the last decade is when people move out of London and commute to work. With transport and technology improvements, it’s a viable option for many professionals. You can have the London career with the better quality of life that a smaller town or village offers.

The Aussie teammoves hundreds of people out of London every year, with many looking for a calmer way of life. We make regular trips from London out to the neighbouring counties. Additionally, our team also live in various parts of London and the surrounding areas, so we understand why people choose to relocate. Even if you’re moving to another part of the UK, we have the right removals service for you.

The Best Man & Van and Home Removals in London

At Aussie, we strive to find the right removals service for all our customers. This is done through a process of assessment. Once we know how many items you’re moving with, and what they are, we can suggest a removals package. And this is always done so we can provide you with the most affordable and efficient option.

Aussie has a fleet of vehicles available, which means we can accommodate any size of relocation. Our Man & Van service is ideal for smaller moves within the same city or town. The volume of items and type of furniture and appliances will influence the size of the vehicle we assign. The smaller vans are also better for loading in busy streets as they don’t block traffic.

If you have larger items of furniture and appliances or a more significant volume of things, we will suggest using our Home Removals service. One of the benefits of this service is being able to move everything in one journey. Businesses often choose this service when relocating their office or commercial workspace.

Furthermore, the bigger vans are more suitable for our National Moving service, which is our new dedicated removals package. We can move you anywhere in the UK with the same high standard of service we provide in London and the surrounding areas.

Tips when Relocating to a Commuter Town

Like any relocation, the more time you spend before your move, the easier it will be. We always suggest doing as much online research as possible. If you choose a few areas you like the look of, you can find out a lot about them. In addition to your online research, you should visit each town a few times to get a proper feel for the area.

There is no limit to what your research should concentrate on; we all require different services. The crucial thing for any professional who will commute to London is transport links. Ideally, you’ll need a railway station in or near the town. And you should also aim to keep your commute to under one hour from London.

Then, you can investigate other aspects that will inform and influence your final decision. That’s things like education, healthcare, local amenities, restaurants, bars, leisure activities and green spaces. But these examples are by no means exhaustive. You should create a list of things that are important to you and be as thorough as possible.

Before you jump into arranging viewings yourself, it’s usually essential to contact a local estate agent in the area. They can do a lot of the legwork for you by sifting out properties that don’t match your criteria. It’s also possible to get them to check for things like property inspections and general housing sales in the town.

Aussie – We’re London’s Number One for Removals and Storage

Aussie is one of London’s fastest growing companies. In addition to our five removals and storage branches in London, we now operate in Bath in our new depot. We often retain customers who move out of London but still want excellent service for future relocations.

One of the reasons for our success is by making customer service our paramount concern. For us, it’s the foundation on which our company is built. Aussie is always prepared to go the extra mile for customers, literally in the case of people who move to commuter towns and villages.

Aussie operates all over London, but we go much further than the capital. We serve all the surrounding areas and have a brand-new National Moving service. And for people who are planning on relocating to Europe, we have a specialist Overseas Removals package.

If you’re considering trading in London for a quieter town, contact us today. We have the right removals service for you.