Can You Run a Small Business from a Self Storage Unit in London?

Posted on December 9, 2019 by Lauren May
Can You Run a Small Business from a Self Storage Unit in London?

Starting any small business venture is something that requires a lot of planning and some start-up capital to get you going. It’s a satisfying experience to be the boss, but it’s a road that has some bumps along the way, so it’s worth having helpful companies to partner with. One of the main obstacles is how you budget, and Aussie Man & Van has a solution that can help SMEs in London.

Can You Run a Small Business from an Aussie Self Storage Unit?

The short answer is yes. It’s possible to rent a self storage unit from Aussie Man & Van and use it for business purposes. What’s more, you can save thousands of pounds per year by doing this instead of renting a commercial property. However, it’s not something that you should consider as a long-term plan. Using a self storage unit is an alternative answer for the first year or two of a small business’s lifespan.

There are some instances where you should check with us first before you choose this as your workspace. While we cater to most small business sectors, there are some scenarios where we couldn’t be able to accommodate you. There are already SMEs and start-up enterprises that work with us. And we have electricity and other facilities that are ideal for any small business.

Self storage rental is drastically cheaper than commercial properties which is why it lends itself to start-up companies. Additionally, if you don’t have a vehicle, our Man & Van service is perfect for any collections and deliveries. That saves you renting or buying a van. By using a self storage unit as your alternative workspace, you can manage your overheads to survive the critical first year of trading.

Business Sectors That Already Do This in London –

E-commerce – this sector has been making massive inroads during the last decade. E-commerce is relatively simple to jump into, and the specifications are basic. You need a space to store goods which has somewhere you can load and unpack quickly. At Aussie, we have drive-up self storage units and plenty of space to keep your products.

Retail stores – Aussie works with several retail companies in London that use storage as their offsite storage room. It’s possible to rent a smaller commercial property in the city with less storage space. Then, rent a self storage unit and keep most of the stock there. That leaves more room in the shop for customers and clothing.

Start-up tech enterprises – London is a tech hub, with hundreds of new players entering the market every year. The reason why self storage works well for tech start-ups is the no-frills ethos and no need for a lease or long-term contract. This reduces the headaches of high rental costs, retaining funds for any equipment or business-related expenses.

Construction subcontractors – unless you work for a Pty company, it’s unlikely that you have a dedicated workspace. Rather than storing expensive equipment or materials at home, lots of construction subcontractors use self storage units. Plus, they can put a desk in their unit to do any admin tasks.

Aussie Man & Van – the ‘Can-Do’ Storage Provider for Small Businesses in London –

Aussie Man & Van currently works with several small businesses every week. From our own experience of running a company in London, we know what makes a successful business function. And regardless of your profession, most small businesses operate with the common link that remains the same. And that’s setting and maintaining a modest budget.

That’s why we think small businesses would benefit from using our self storage units as alternative workspaces. And this is just as relevant for existing companies. If you experience a rough patch and your profits are down, it’s worth reducing your rental outgoings by working from a storage unit for a year until things turn around.

Aussie has the most affordable rates on the market. We have a range of services that comprise our ethos of having everything ‘under one roof’, so you don’t have to use multiple companies. Excellent customer service is our primary goal and attaining high standards is why we have loyal customers. When it comes to small businesses and start-ups, you have the right partner when you work with us.

If you’re starting a small business in London, please contact us today. Aussie is the SME-friendly company that wants to help you realise your small business ambitions.