The Best Places In London For Free Cardboard Boxes

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If you’re doing your own packing (as opposed to using Aussie’s packing material service), then it’s inevitable that sooner rather than later you will need cardboard boxes. No move is possible without them, except for those chaotic first moves undertaken in your early twenties using bin-liners. As well as tape, bubble wrap, scissors and labels, cardboard boxes are a vital ingredient of a move and must be acquired one way or another. If you prefer not to take your chances by going the ‘free’ route, everything you need can be swiftly and easily got from the Aussie Packing Shop. However, if you’re determined to get your boxes without spending so much as a penny, then you’ll need to know where to look and where to go. Here are some thoughts and ideas to help you on your way.

Where Can I Get Free Cardboard Boxes In London?

Gumtree [com], Freecycle [] and Freegle [] are great starting points for getting anything free, cardboard boxes very much included. There’s a waterfall of cardboard boxes out there with your name on it.

Who’s most likely to have a glut of cardboard boxes they no longer need? That’s right, it’s people who’ve just moved themselves. Borrow or acquire cardboard boxes from these people because it’s one of the easiest ways of getting them. Of course, you run the risk that some of the boxes may no longer be at their best, but you can sometimes bring them back to their former glory by emboldening them with packing tape.

We all need sturdy boxes for packing up and transporting our books so, logic would indicate, we should consider looking for them in bookshops. Drop in and ask a sales assistant or manager if there are any spare boxes you could take home. And while you’re out on the high street, make the same enquiry in the chemists, supermarkets, grocers, DIY and home stores. Some supermarkets send boxes back once they’ve taken their morning deliveries and opened them, so it’s worth finding out when the right time is for dropping by. Pharmacies are good for smaller boxes; ideal for moving delicates and fragiles. Before you go home, one final place to consider visiting is the pub, and not because you need to quell your moving fears by getting sloshed. No, the reason to visit them is that they, too, can be a haven for cardboard boxes, so pay them a call and ask.