The National Lockdown – Business as Usual in London

The UK is now under a second national lockdown and there’s still plenty of uncertainty about where we go next. There’s one query we receive from a lot of people: ‘will I be able to move during this lockdown?’

Fortunately, we can give a definite answer to this one by saying, yes. It’s business as usual at Aussie. All our Greater London branches will be fully operational. In this blog, we’ll discuss how we perform safe removals and storage services.

Lockdown Removals Services in London –

Just to make sure we’re clear on things – were 100% operational for the duration of the lockdown. This applies for anywhere in Greater London, the surrounding areas and nationally. We do advise people to keep up with current local and government information. But until further notice, we’re doing business as always and will update our customers and followers of any changes.

Aussie provided removals and storage throughout the last lockdown, even when the initial restrictions were applied. However, there was a reversal when frontline workers were struggling to move or find suitable storage. This gave us an opportunity to hone our services and improve health and safety processes.

The safety of our customers and team members is our number one priority. We will always lead with a safety-conscious delivery for every job we take on. You can read our Covid-19 Policy here for full details of how we perform our removals and storage duties. For us, it’s crucial we are proactive and do our part to prevent the spread of this disease.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removal and storage company, and we apply this positive attitude to everything we do. Regardless of how long the lockdown lasts, we’ll be on-hand to provide our range of services.

Are Lockdown Relocations for Emergencies Only?

While the lockdown itself is a strategic form of emergency response, this doesn’t mean we’re only accepting last-minute bookings. Aussie is open and ready to take on all removals and storage jobs in London. We will assess every situation in full, as we do with every inquiry we receive. From there, we can give our opinion on how urgent your relocation is.

Aussie has everything in place to tackle emergency removals scenarios, and we have plenty of experience. During the previous lockdown earlier this year, we took on hundreds of last-minute business relocations and personal moves. It was a regular occurrence to have a company transport their goods into storage before sending everyone to work from home.

The way it works is having enough resources available to arrange a relocation. This includes things like a fleet of vans at various sizes. We have a broad selection of removals and storage packages, covering as many bases as possible. Our team of assessors and removal’s experts manage the strategic side of things. From there, we can put together a tailor-made removals service, even when there’s no time to spare.

Using Self Storage as a Back-Up Plan –

There are many excellent aspects of storage, and it’s undeniable that any option you choose gives you the ultimate level of protection. The truth is most houses and apartments don’t have an adequate measure of security to prevent theft or damage occurring. This is especially important for people who has valuable or possibly even irreplaceable items.

These are the evergreen benefits of storage, but there are others more in line with this article’s focus. Self storage can be a lifesaver in emergency situations, such as a mortgage issue where someone is unable to move into their new home. Gaps in moving dates are more common than people realise, and we often solve these issues with one of our storage packages.

One of the key advantages of storing with Aussie is there’s no minimum storage contract or lease. You only store any belongings for a period that suits you. You can have unlimited access to a self storage unit during our business hours. Alternatively, there’s a Container Storage option for long-term timeframes for people with less need for regular access. And then we have our unique Ausbox Storage package, which offers a smaller-scale storage option.

Why is a Moving Checklist Necessary?

The key ingredient to a successful relocation is planning. With enough preparation, it’s possible to take on any move. And a moving checklist is the foundation which you can build everything on. It’s a comprehensive list of every task which makes up your relocation. There are some features which apply to most cases, but every relocation has different things to consider. That’s why your moving checklist should have specific notes covering any additional duties.

One smart piece of advice we give is to use a blank calendar for your move. It works like this – you mark the date of your relocation and work backwards to today. By doing this, you know exactly how many days and weeks you have to get everything done. Then, you can reduce any larger tasks into smaller action points.

You can read Aussie’s moving checklist here to give you some ideas or to use as a template. There are lots of other resources online for you to check out as well. Luckily, you’ll find lots of useful suggestions and tips to help shape your move. Some other suggestions for things you can add might be information on where you’re moving to or a bullet point index of your utility providers.

And in keeping with this blog’s direction, it’s still 100% necessary to create and use a moving checklist for emergency relocations. The same rules apply; the only different thing is you have less time to cover everything. If you book your relocation with Aussie, we’ll help you navigate the initial stages of your move.

Making the Most of Staying at Home –

This might seem slightly off-topic, but you’re going to spend a lot more time indoors in the coming weeks. Why not take this as an opportunity to organise your home? By doing some decluttering, you can improve your living spaces significantly. This has the double benefit of improving your home while keeping yourself busy.

By undertaking a clean-up of your house or flat, you might decide to be a bit more adventurous. If you have the materials ready, this could be the right time to do those DIY chores you’ve been putting off. Whether this means repainting every room, doing some small repairs, or tidying the back garden, you have a golden opportunity whilst in lockdown.

However, we don’t suggest doing anything you feel uncomfortable taking on. That’s why Aussie has a range of specialist services including a Handyman package. Furthermore, we have several Professional Cleaning services available, should you need a thorough clean-up before starting any work. This is specifically worth considering before you redecorate to avoid damaging the paint or wallpaper with dirt.

Safer Standards of Removals and Storage in London –

At Aussie, we believe it’s one of our core responsibilities to provide a safe environment for our customers and team members. That’s why we use a stringent health and safety policy specific to Covid-19. Every vehicle has PPE and cleaning equipment ready, and our removal’s crew follow our health and safety protocol to the letter.

Every Aussie branch is spotlessly clean to reduce any lingering risk of contaminations occurring. We regularly update our procedures to ensure we apply the latest knowledge on Covid-19. Each relocation begins and ends with a thorough cleaning of equipment and frequently touched surfaces and objects. Before we arrive, we’ll discuss things like social distancing and all protective measures.

Aussie is flexible, and we do everything possible to improve our Covid-19 Policy, which you can read here. This includes video calling to discuss initial inquiries or to check-in before the moving day. Moreover, we keep our prices low to help people budget for the lockdown. And there’s always someone you can discuss your upcoming relocation with.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s Lockdown Removals and Storage Providers –

While the lockdown might be cause for concern, the hope it works, and we can reduce the infection numbers. It’s not an easy time for anyone, especially if you find yourself in a tight spot where an emergency relocation is crucial. The good news is you don’t have to panic or suffer through this alone.

Aussie is London’s ‘can-do’ removals and storage provider. We take on last-minute jobs all the time, and we have decades of collective experience. This enables us to act decisively without hesitation because we know how to tackle to situation. Our Quality Policy and excellent level of customer service guarantee the highest level of service delivery in London.

If you need removals or storage services during the lockdown, please contact us today. We have the right package and expertise to take on any type of relocation in London.