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Hampstead’s reputation precedes it; by dint of its sheer pulchritude, it’s one of the most beloved parts of the capital and that’s before you even venture into its wild and mystical heath, where locals and visitors roam throughout the year, swimming in the glorious ponds in the summer months, weather permitting. It has long been popular with the city’s liberal intelligentsia, as well as figures from the literary, theatrical and art worlds. First-time visitors are always struck by how much fresher the air feels thanks to the fact that the area is elevated above the rest of London.


Since our inception many years ago, we’ve been a popular removals company in Hampstead, which has allowed us to build up a considerable amount of knowledge about the area. The name itself derives from the old English ‘ham’ and ‘stede’, which combine to give us the contemporary word ‘homestead’. What really put Hampstead on the map was its popularity in the 17th century as a spa resort. The waters were said to be naturally fortified with iron, so the weak and the indisposed began to visit in considerable number, all in the hope that they would benefit from the medicinal properties of Hampstead Wells water. A period of decline followed and it was not until the 1860s that things started to pick up again, largely due to the construction of the North London Railway. All of a sudden, central London was within easy reach and, not long after, luxury houses began popping up, many of which remain standing today.  

The Hampstead of the 2010s is home to some of the most costly property in the whole city and it hasn’t escaped most people’s notice that Hampstead Village contains more millionaires than any other part of the U.K. Its underground station, which opened in 1907, is on the northern line and is notable for being the most deep-set station on the tube network.

There’s many a man and van in Hampstead since it’s such a popular part of the capital, with people coming from far and wide to live within its confines. Among the many attractions are Kenwood House, where the yearly series of summer concerts is one of most well-loved open-air events in town, and Keats House, where the poet wrote his deathless Ode to a Nightingale. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that the area is noted both for its showbiz luminaries and its liberal bent, for many years its MP was the legendary star of stage and screen, Glenda Jackson. If you’re ever on the look-out for removals in Hampstead, you’ll find that our local knowledge is unsurpassed when it comes to this delightful place.