The Best Beaches Near London this Summer

Camber Sands

We are certain you have noticed that it’s summertime with a vengeance! Time to get out the beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses and cool box for cold drinks. London is currently in the midst of some glorious sunshine, so don’t wait around. The English summer is a trickster, and you might miss out on your opportunity to bronze without going abroad.

One of the great things about living in London is its transport connections. You can get to most places in the south of England with relative ease. And if you’re looking for a short journey to catch some rays and enjoy sandy beaches, you’re in luck. Aussie has some excellent suggestions for the best places to hit the beach near to London.

Aussie’s Favourite Beaches Near London this Summer –

The following destinations that made out the list are all within an hour’s journey from London. They’re ideal places where you can enjoy sunshine and days out and be back in London before the sun sets to enjoy your evening.

Ruislip Lido Beach– by far the strangest and closest entry in our top five beaches. Ruislip Lido Beach isn’t technically a beach as it’s a lake that lies within the Ruislip Nature Reserve. However, that doesn’t deter from the fact that it’s a fantastic place to have fun in the sun.

Brighton Beach– although Brighton is just an hour away by train, you might want to make a weekend for this visit. Brighton Beach is the type of place that has something to do at every hour of the day, and most of the night. It’s a mix of the typical seaside sunny activities through the day and vibrant nightlife as the sun sets.

Sunny Sands– we’re off to Folkestone, Kent for our next beach. Sunny Sands is a bucket and spade type of deal, which means lots of family fun. The quality of the area puts this beach in the top ten for UK beaches. Lots of fresh sea air to rejuvenate that city skin. Lots of cafés, pubs, places to eat and seaside shops.

Camber Sands– another beach that gets in many of the best beach guides. Camber Sands is a breath-taking stretch of dunes and pure sand. It’s known for being popular for watersports and other outdoor activities, and the town Camber has lots of places to eat and drink.

Mersa Island– for our final beach destination, we’re heading to Essex. Mersa Island is estuary is one you’ll need to plan to avoid high tide. The now-famous seafood is one of the top attractions for Londoners who want to drown themselves in some of the best seaside cuisines in the UK. It’s a stunning beach resort that has enough charm and character to warrant a more extended visit.

Tips on Relocating to a Seaside Location with Aussie –

If you’re a city dweller by weekday, then it’s always refreshing to get outdoors when it’s sunny. Even day trips can clear the mind and turn down the noise of life. Many people who take regular trips to the seaside end up with a taste for the fresher air and the quieter pace. And when that sea air lures them in, they turn to Aussieto help them pack it all up for their relocation.

The general rule of relocating is that you need to do plenty of research. And the best way to get to know someone you’re thinking of moving to is to visit it. Get to know the area more, both during the day and at night. Spend a few weekends there to get a real feel for the place. The best places to eat and enjoy a drink. You can scout for the local entertainment and culture, as well as the more mundane stuff like transport links.

The beach destinations on our list are all within an hour’s journey from London. That makes it possible for you to enjoy a better quality of life while having a direct link to the capital. You can still work in London and live in your own seaside slice of paradise.

Aussie – London’s Favourite Removals and Man & Van Provider –

At Aussie, we believe that the weekends and holidays should be spent doing what we love. If sun and sand are your things, then there are lots of amazing beaches and seaside resorts near London. For the sake of two hours on a train, you can visit one of the beach destinations that feature in this blog and back in London.

And if you’re thinking of making a more permanent move to the seaside, then it’s a wise choice to book with Aussie. We have the right removalsservice to move you to your favourite beach destination. We’re London’s fastest growingremovals company because of our ‘can-do’ attitude.

The Aussieteam move hundreds of people from London to nearby commuter towns and seaside resorts every year. We’re always keen to hear their experiences so we can advise our other customers who are planning a similar journey.

If you’d like to discuss our range of services, contact ustoday. We have the right removals service to relocate you to your ideal seaside home.