Becoming a Short-Term Rental Landlord in London

Becoming a Short-Term Rental Landlord in London

Whether you’re looking for a second income or a change in career, there are plenty of readily available opportunities for the short-term rental sector. The housing and rental market is very different now. In just over a decade, the rise of the need for short-term rental properties is increasing annually. One of the driving factors in this surge is the ability for newer landlords to enter the market with relative ease.

If you’re thinking of starting a new business venture, London’s the ideal place. With so many companies around to work with, you’re bound to find the right chain of suppliers or associates. And for any prospective landlord, it’s essential to start thinking of researching what sort of networks you’ll need to make to get the right services for your company.

Tips on Becoming a Landlord in London –

For some people, the reason they consider becoming a short-term rental landlord is that they have a second house or apartment. They’re not using it all the time and realise that they can make a second income from it. However, it’s not that simple for many of us, so let’s look at the alternatives.

Let’s assume that you might be starting from scratch. You’ll need to enter the market as a new buyer, which will require some planning and available capital. The first thing you should do is work out what sort of budget you have now. From there, you need to know what type of mortgages are available to you, so you’ll need to arrange a meeting with a mortgage broker as soon as possible.

One option that could work is a buy-to-let mortgage. If you go online and search for this scheme, there are independent sites that provide the criteria. Some banks also have an online calculator which should show your eligibility.

Another route to getting a second or multiple properties is to purchase at auction. You will need to develop the property, so keep this in mind. This is by far the most time-consuming and labour-intensive of your options. Financially, if you play your cards right, you could save lots of money. Not only that, you may find that you have a knack for it and house-flipping may also be another second or third income.

Once you have a property or are closing in on one, go online to see what sort of options you have when it comes to advertising your short-term rental property. The easiest way to enter this market is via an online platform like Airbnb. If you don’t intend on doing the day-to-day duties, you’ll need to get someone to manage your property. There are lots of people who specialise in things like Airbnb management, so get in touch with a few now.

Using Man & Van for Your Short-Term Rental Enterprise –

Throughout your venture into the short-term rental market, you’ll need to create a network for sub-contractors and associate companies. As a landlord, you will have to move furniture and undertake maintenance. And one company you should include in your network is Aussie.

Aussie’s Man & Van service is a favourite with our customers who work in interior design and property development. We also work with landlords who use us to transport furniture between properties. Additionally, we provide storage for both interior designers and landlords.

Aussie Man & Van charges by the hour, which is ideal for keeping costs low. You only pay for the time you use our service, unlike most other man & van services in London who charge per day. By using our Man & Van service, you will have the full use of the vehicle as well as two members of Aussie’s elite team for labour.

Our Man & Van vehicles are ideal for navigating through London’s busy traffic. And because of our knowledge of London, we know how to avoid congestion hotspots and roadworks. At Aussie, we plan everything in advance to make sure we’re as efficient as possible.

Aussie – Providing the Best Service to London’s Landlords –

The Aussie team works with several landlords in London every week. That’s why we understand the needs of people in this industry. We often talk with our customers to get feedback on what they use our services for. This is how we’re aware of how much the short-term rental market is increasing in popularity.

Aussie works with thousands of business customers every year from every sector you can imagine. There are always common factors that are true to every industry. And one of the most important things that an associate company needs to do is turn up on time and complete to deadlines. At Aussie, being on time is an essential aspect of our business. That’s what makes us a reliable company to work with, and why we get repeat business customers.

The short-term rental sector has lots of potential for growth. We believe that it will increase in size as more people look to become landlords in this industry. In comparison to many other fields, being a short-term rental landlord can provide a much quicker turnaround for seeing a return on your investment.

At Aussie, we have the right people and equipment to undertake any job. Moreover, we have the right attitude and work ethos to compliment any short-term rental landlord. If you want to work with London’s best removals and storage company, contact us today.