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Why energy efficiency is important to home buyers. 

Posted on 10th February 2023 by The Aussie Team
Why energy efficiency is important to home buyers. 

Buying a home and moving house is a significant moment in life.  How will this property serve you and your family’s needs over time, what will it cost to run, and what necessary renovations are on the cards? The longevity of the investment is important and in changing times priorities are shifting.  With the energy crisis biting people’s ankles, many want to shift to a position where their home is able to produce energy and reduce their overall carbon emissions. Plus, the days of factoring in a conservatory as an aspirational renovation are changing.  Now there are factors related to environmental impact which will be governing people’s choices, and sustainable architecture is also driving what is valued in the domestic aesthetic.  Here are a few factors to consider when considering moving home and assessing the efficiency of the property.  In addition, if you are a landlord, or looking to sell, staying on top of these aspects will maintain the value of your property. 

Energy Performance Certificate

Similar to understanding appliances before purchase and their efficiency performance, the EPC rating of a house or flat is going to be more important to home buyers as they anticipate the cost of living in that particular location.  Consider the rainbow stickers that come with a new tumble dryer, they will rate the efficiency of the dryer from A – G.  It is the same with a house, a qualified domestic energy assessor will come and assess the energy performance of a house based on factors such as insulation, light fittings, the age of the boiler and so on.  A report like this will also suggest areas the landlord or homeowner can develop to improve the overall efficiency of the property.  Alongside this, there will be an insight into the carbon emissions levels of the house also worth taking into consideration.  It is mandatory for a landlord to provide an Energy Performance Certificate and also if you are selling your home.  It is easy to arrange an assessor to visit your property and if you are in the position of looking for a new home you have every right to insist upon a valid and up-to-date EPC. 

Five key things to look out for when considering the energy efficiency of a property.

  1. Check the age of the boiler 

When looking at a new property the age and energy rating of the boiler is important.  Some older boilers are very inefficient and estimates suggest you can save as much as £340 a year by upgrading from a G rated boiler to an A. Plus a newer combi boiler will allow for greater control and less energy loss overall.  Assess and research the cost of changing the boiler and factor that into your home buying budget. 

  1. Insulation in the house

Thermal retention is key to energy efficiency. Where heat is lost there is room for improvement.  Check to see if the loft is insulated, as this is a major zone of heat loss.  If you can find out if the property has cavity wall insulation and floor insulation that will also increase the thermal retention.  If it is a period home there may have been solid wall insulation, or there may be potential for that to be improved. While all these aspects will be taken into consideration in the Energy Performance Certificate, it is worth being aware of what renovation work may be required or possible to increase the efficiency of your property over time. 

  1. Windows

It’s important to assess the windows in any property you are considering buying. Are the seals intact, or will they need to be changed soon?  Are they double glazed, or triple glazed?  Taking measurements of the windows can allow you to get a quote on what it would cost to upgrade to double or triple glazing.  Similarly, if you are a landlord or homeowner, it may be worth improving the windows in your property to boost your EPC rating.  While there are mixed reports on the value of triple glazing they definitely prevent thermal loss and provide good sound barriers from external noise. 

  1. Smart Meter 

It is easy to get a smart meter installed as the government and energy companies are providing free installation nationwide.  If there is an existing smart meter in the property you are considering or have on the market, you can easily assess from the readings what the cost is of living in that place.  This can help people anticipate what their daily and monthly expenditure will be.  Additional energy saving technologies incorporated in the house such as LED light fittings and water saving devices will all add value to the property. 

  1. Renewable energy sources 

Investing in a property with solar panels and other renewable sources of power is very appealing for those who want to reduce their overall carbon emissions and generate excess energy for the grid.  Many people will see these as an asset, and if they are already in place and functioning well it is one less improvement they will have to make.  The Smart Export Guarantee entails that energy companies will pay you money for any excess energy your home generates and you can sell back to the grid. This way, having renewables in place alleviates the tension of the energy crisis, as you are not subject to price increases in the same way, and your home becomes a carbon positive home. 

Carbon neutral homes 

Carbon neutral is a term applied to homes in the quest to reduce the carbon emissions that are involved in the construction industry and domestic energy consumption.  While this term is mainly relevant to newly built homes that are following the guidelines for reduced emissions within construction, it is possible to run a carbon neutral home in an older house.  If a home generates renewable energy rather than consuming energy, it can become a carbon positive home and offset the balance of emissions it had previously created.  Another way to become carbon neutral if you can’t generate renewable energy is to use a renewable energy provider and invest in rewilding and tree planting schemes.  The generation of oxygen from the trees and reforestation off sets the carbon emissions that are involved in living in your home. 

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